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Gamesaves Does anyone have a step by step mod tut

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I am trying to use modio and xport 360 to mod some of my game saves. every tutorial i have tried has failed. i just need a step by step tutorial if any one can help please do so asap. I have all the right downloads and I have tried over 10 different ways that i have seen on a video. Please I need the help soon cause im trying to do some fallout 3 mods.


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I had to read this a couple times and I'm still not sure what your problem is but I think i have an idea. When you resign to you put your own id's on the con file then rehash and resign to your own ids? If you don't, find a resigner called concept (youtube) then open any con file you get off of your profile. hit save id's. then open the modded file. hit load id's. then hit rehash & resign and then just drag it back onto your hard drive. If this doesn't work then please explain the problem better. I'd try and assist you more but I'm in the middle of the ocean atm. :biggrin:
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