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Unsolved Disabling A Specific Ped's Ragdoll?



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Hi All,

Thank you for taking the time in reading my inquiry and the possibility of providing a solution for me, which I would greatly appreciate. I am interested and wondering if it's possible in regards to disabling the ragdoll effect an NPC ped has when sustaining damage, however for a specific ped. The reason is because I am trying to simulate Call of Duty Modern Warfare: 3 NPC's battles in GTA: IV which include the juggernaut whom I don't want to exhibit the ragdoll effect upon getting shot when versing regular infantry such as the delta or riot squad as conveyed in MW3. For a viable and more optimised experience i selected the FBI/FIB and replaced them with juggernauts so MW3 jugs will arrive when a high wanted level has occurred and/or assist me when i roleplay as an officer who requires assistance.

I am hopefully seeking assistance/guidance in being able to create a script to achieve this despite lacking the knowledge and experience with creating scripts however, i am extremely interested and committed to learning how to make the above script with guidance due to completely unsure on how to commence the first line and tools required. I committed a lot of time searching for mods and looking through .ini files and browsing through several forums however was unsuccessful as I am interested in the ped having no ragdoll embedded in that certain ped's data file/script upon automatically spawning, instead of me manually spawning the ped with no ragdoll using a trainer which will break immersion.

Sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused due to being an obtuse question and/or no knowledge of scripting.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my inquiry, appreciate it so much.

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