Xbox One PS4 Working Director Mode Outfit Glitch

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    Founders of this glitch -
    JusBlazed911 (easiest method)
    Blunt3d (longer method)

    Supr420 (different method)
    Not sure who the original founder was

    Blazed911 deserved all the credit. I found a longer method and released it before he released the easy method. I didn't know until I had already posted it.

    Note: It takes approx. 22 minutes or more to duplicate birds :frown:
    This is a solo glitch but you need a friend to join. If you don't have any friends, you can join a community on ps4 and join someone.
    Note: if you cannot get recent activity working try changing your ps4 language, if recent activity don't work still. Restart your game, go to Story mode then Online.

    You can also clear the cache if the first method is not working.

    Warning for those who have got outfits from this Glitch!!

    Do not do the Component Transfer Glitch with this glitch.
    You will lose components and your Blue/White joggers. Unless you leave it as your main outfit

    Step 1. Go online to change your outfit to the default outfit (grey sweat pants and tshirt).
    a. Next go start a time trial and start it.
    b. Go to story mode using the down d-pad button.
    c. Enter director mode.

    Step 2. When you are in DM , shortlist Online Character and any Animal (bird preffered).

    Step 3. Go to shortlist and hold down. The camera will go back and forth to Online Character and Bird.

    Step 5. If birds start duplicating, put a rubberband or face remote down with analogs going up. That way you can be afk while duping birds because it takes 20-30 minutes.

    If birds didn't duplicate exit DM and try again.
    Also put a parachute on your Online Character. If not then close app and retry or load another save.

    Step 6. After 22 mins or so of duping birds, be ready for your character to spawn on the haybale.
    a. Then hover over any actor. You should still be your Online Character.
    If not then keep duping birds again until you get on the haybale.
    Go to any actor and press square till you find your outfit you want.

    You can also shortlist your outfits for later. (some masks will remove when you come back but some should still have xmas mask, be sure to save in storymode)

    More info on this is in this thread on keepironman14' spoiler.
    (Only outfits with Xmas masks transfer online)

    Step 7. After finding your outfit Enter Director Mode.
    Then hold down d-pad and select a story character and go to story mode.
    a. Do a quick save.
    b. Open Interaction menu.
    c. Director mode.
    d. Enter Director Mode
    e. Hold D-pad down and enter story mode thru the character wheel.
    f. Walk around for a bit
    g. Go to Pause/online/creator/accept

    If you get the error joining online message, just join a friend or party. If you have no friends, join a GTA 5 community and join someone.

    (To find community go on ps home, and go to GTA 5 then go down to Friends|Communities and find one)

    Credit to keepironman14
    Ok everyone I'm gonna help out alot of people here, there are so many people sharing so many methods and everyone refering to different posts and everything I'm gonna post a step by step for the only thing that has actually worked for me.

    I already have a basic outfit set up (decent clothes, cookie mask, shortlisted) as well as the (crow for my bird) and my online character. (Bird, online, outfit) this is my basic story save pre-glitch.

    1, go online, i have on a parachute and forward cap no mask. Spawn at last location.
    2, once onlime and ready go to the time trial, start the trial and then press down dpad, select story character.
    3, Once in story press select/touchpad to bring up IM, go to DM.
    4, go to actors and start scrolling to dupe those silly birds.
    5, Once on the hay delete bird, then online.
    6, go to actors and start randomizing.
    7A, if you want a special item (like the IAA badge, dive gear, a medic belt, ect) then find it,
    7B, if you want a basic outfit find it and shortlist it.
    8, Once you have your item/outfit go into your shortlist.
    9A, you should be highlighting your transfer to outfit, the item should appear on the character.
    9B, (basic outfits just move on)
    10, take your desired outfit into director mode.
    11, dpad down, story character, load into story.
    12, quick save through phone, idk if it's a required step, (not helpful for item transfers as they Dont stick in shortlist, but any new shortlist outfits will remain)
    13, IMenu back to DM.
    14,at trailer click enter DM.
    15, dpad down back to storymode.
    16 walk forward for 1-2 seconds.
    17, pause, online, creator.
    18, let it load load load.
    19, you land in online, if the outfit stuck go save it. Then try to edit it. (With This weeks time trial you can go south to del pero and hit a posonbys clothes shop) better to save the outfit first before tring to edit incase you remove items you want.
    Clothes shops are the best place to use bc you can try a bunch of clothes and see what sticks around what.

    If you end up back with your online outfit try again, if you end up in the default outfit (like when you are on hay from bird dupe) instead then you had blacklisted components.

    If you have issues with blacklisted outfits a simple trick is to use the EMS actors and use the LSFD. Then shortlist, as it randomly changes colors of pants and a shirt, but it also sometimes removes a couple invaid overlaps. (It will remove all transferable components as well every time, so easy way to check what gear will transfer)

    There are different methods. If you do not prefer this method then search one.

    Step 1. Dupe the birds using whichever method works better for you.

    Step 2. Once you got your online character on the haystack. Erase the bird from shortlist.

    Step 3. Go to actors and start pressing square to find anyone that has the santaclause pants that look like red joggers or any colored joggers.

    Step 4. Shortlist the joggers or clause pants. Go to shortlist and Erase the online character from shortlist.

    Step 5. Now while still in trailer go to actors and put a bird back into the shortlist.

    Step 6. Now go to shortlist and hold down till your actor with joggers goes to top of haystack.

    Step 7. Once he/she is on haystack erase the bird from the shorlist. Go to actors and now when you press square, you will have joggers and trons just like before the patch.

    You can take shortlisted outfits online without having to dupe birds. But you must do the glitch first to get outfits shortlisted.

    Have your outfits shortlisted, and a recent activity ready prior to these steps.

    Step 1. Go into DM and select a bird.

    Step 2. Teleport by the ocean and start flying really close above water.

    Step 3. Open Interaction menu and hover over Exit DM.

    Step 4. Fly straight into the water and right before hitting water press X on Exit DM, you will be on the alert screen.

    Accept the alert then
    immediately open recent activity and cancel. Keep doing this while the bird is drowning.
    Keep spamming recent activity and cancel until you get a wasted screen. If you dont get wasted screen after like 5 recent activity cancels, try again.

    Step 5. Once you get the wasted screen, just wait for the black screen then do recent activity and cancel one more time to get you into story mode.

    You should now be a bird in story mode.

    Go to DM and select shortlisted outfit.
    Exit DM and you should be in story with it. (if black screen just recent activity and cancel)

    Join a friend or use the save methods below

    SAVE METHOD 1 BY supr420

    find ur outfit by "duping birds" or whatever method u prefer
    - exit to story with ur outfit
    - enter DM again
    - go back to story but as soon as u confirm quickly start a recent activity and decline
    - as fast as possible press start
    *U need to stop the character while still glitched in the air*
    - as fast as possible enter creator
    *If u don't arrive in creator u were to slow and 99% no outfit for u*
    - in creator as fast as possible enter GTA online
    Just copy the same steps for joining a friend in a party by invite and suspend

    Full steps from very beginning.

    By nOOb iHACK

    Director mode "tips and tricks"
    These are methods I've used to successfully bring outfits online. I am by no means the founder. Just my concoction of everything that is spread out in separate videos and text tutorials, all rolled into one!


    Cop Badge and IAA Necklace
    Fill your shortlist with random outfits ASAP
    2.) Start searching for any "basic" outfit with none blacklisted items and a Christmas mask (not too many layers to raise success rate)
    3.) Shortlist said outfit accepting the black alert screen
    4.) Now just simply search for a IAA Necklace with the badge (there are 2 different ones- One with only the necklace but no badge)
    5.) Once you find the badge simply shortlist the outfit and the badge will glitch on to all previous outfits
    6.) Follow current tutorials on how to bring it online

    The Tip- Once the IAA badge is brought online and saved. Create a standard outfit save with the IAA necklace and badge attached to it. Next, just go back in to DM but this time search for outfits you're really looking for (i.e. Joggers with tron shoes). Once you fill your shortlist with desired outfits, simply shortlist your online character and the IAA badge will glitch on to all outfits. Now its up to you to decide which outfit is capable of being brought online with the IAA badge.

    Gun Holster- The one without the nightstick
    If you see the gun holster in DM you will able to bring it online. However, it will not transfer over to other outfits like the cop badge does. The "gun holster" is the one with no night stick on the other side the opposite side of the gun holster.

    The Tip- If you see a nightstick (big long black thing), it is in fact a "cop belt" which is blacklisted and you won't be able to bring it online

    Duffel Bag
    (before anything, online, I started off by jumping off an aircraft to use my chute before starting the "Time Trial". I then reapply my standard DM outfit. )
    1.) Either use the "dupe birds" glitch method if you don't have a shortlist saved or use "kill the bird" glitch method if you have a shortlist
    2.) Check to see if you spawned in with the duffel bag. If so, simply save the outfit at your nearest apartment or owned building... And Done!
    2 a.) If you didn't spawn in with the bag... Put the parachute on the character.
    3.) Start up a job by pressing "start" and navigate to online/jobs/rockstar created/Parachuting (I use the first mission at the top of the list). Jump off the helicopter and press "A" to use the parachute. While gliding, pull up your phone and press "A" then "X" and finally "A" again to quit the mission.
    4.) You should spawn in with the duffel bag.

    Steps to Saving the Outfit With Duffel Bag
    1.) Fly over to the mask store
    2.) Parachute towards mask store
    3.) Land right in from of the mask store
    4.) Press "right dpad" to access the store as soon as the outfit with the duffel bag populates
    5.) Save the outfit

    Joggers Method to Get Joggers
    Dupe birds (use current method available)
    2.) Prevent "over duping of the birds" by being attentive and stopping your selection from switching back to your online character the moment your online character gets on the hay stack.
    3.) Don't press anything
    4.) Make sure your online character stays on the hay stack (If your online character moves back to the trailer simply move to "Online Character" then back to "bird" and your character should go back and stay on the hay stack)
    5.) Remove bird off of your shortlist after you've made sure it stays on hay stack
    6.) From here press "B" and navigate to Actors/Beach Bums (there are others but I've been using Beach Bums) and press "X" (Xbox One) to sift through outfits
    7.) Choose any outfit that has joggers on it (doesn't need a Christmas mask but i'd prefer one that does) and shortlist the outfit
    8.) Navigate directly back to your shortlist actors and delete your online character from the shortlist
    9.) Now navigate to Actors/Costumes/Space Alien. You should see the alien and not your online character (f you don't see the alien, you may have a hard time "shortlisting the bird again" or "not be able to "put the joggers outfit on the hay stack" in later steps)
    And for the next trick... Being able to shortlist the bird again!
    You should now only see your saved outfit with joggers listed. Simply navigate to Actors/Aminals and shortlist the same bird
    10 a.) Sounds easy enough but you don't always have the ability to shortlist the bird again. The fix is to take the saved outfit with joggers into DM by pressing "A" on it. Once in DM hold down on the Dpad and navigate to the trailer and accept the alert. You should now bee able to shortlist your bird by navigating to Actors/Aminals (Again, not always that easy but the fix is to keep trying until you're able to shortlist the bird- please see notes*
    For the final trick... Getting your saved jogger outfit back on the hay stack after shortlisting the bird!
    Simply navigate to your shortlist and move back and forth from your online character to the bird. Your saved outfit with joggers should move over to the haystack
    11 a.) Again not always that easy! If your character doesn't move over to the haystack, simply take the outfit into DM. Once in DM press down on the Dpad then select the trailer and accept the black alert screen to come back to the trailer. Your saved outfit with jogger should now mover over. If not, keep trying this method until it finally does. If it's being stubborn, set a way point anywhere while in DM and "quick travel" to it and try again - please see notes**
    If your saved outfit with joggers instally moves over to the haystack before you're able to shortlist the bird, you failed!
    11 b.)
    To fix this, simply navigate to actors/beach bums/boardwalker to move the character back to trailer. Now take the saved outfit into DM. Once in DM press down on the Dpad then select the trailer and accept the black alert screen to come back to the trailer. (This should fix it but doesn't always- This part needs more work please see notes**)
    12.) Navigate to actors/beach bums/boardwalker and press "X" to sift through outfits and you should now see mostly joggers and more attractive outfits

    I feel adding the bird back to the shortlist is a hit or miss. I've tried using both wired and wireless controllers as to not to interrupt the bird duping process (noticed wireless controller would shut down 3/4 of the way in)... No Difference! I've also done a clean duping process (didn't over dupe) and was taken into the sky during dupe. I continued to dupe and still hit the joggers method completely.

    Note** It may seem like forever for your modded outfit to go back on haystack before shortlisting the bird. I've tried just leaving a rubber-band on my controller to switch back and fourth for over 30 minutes. It never worked! Going into DM and back to trailer does fix this... Just keep trying.

    Change Joggers Colors after shortlisting
    (By hovering over or changing appearance on certain DM characters, you can alter the appearance of random outfits you get)
    - Changing appearance on male firefighter (?) changes various colors
    - Hovering over male janitor “cleans” layered outfits by removing layers, but usually gets rid of interesting stuff like joggers also
    - Hovering over male hairdresser (and one other in that category?) generally changes the color of or removes vests
    - Various story characters remove items through hovering over or changing appearance

    Create Your Own DM Outfit
    (If your 2nd character of opposite sex owns a Christmas mask you'll be able to create your DM outfit using the component list linked in the thread below. What you do is perform a "semi component transfer glitch" from female to male or vice versa. This is ideal since you won't have to delete your character and outfits)

    Link to Transfer Glitch thread:

    1.) Create an outfit on your second character using a Christmas mask (use the component list in thread linked above)
    2.) Go into DM
    3.) Shortlist your 2nd online character
    4.) "Dupe birds" or "kill the bird" (any current method)
    5.) Move forward with any current DM methods used to bring outfits online and bring your 2nd characters outfit (needs to have Christmas mask) online with your 1st character

    Bring Shortlisted Outfits Online
    Follow current bird killing method listed in OP
    2.) Take desired outfit into DM
    3.) Open "Interaction Menu" and scroll up to and select "enter story mode"
    4.) Start an "Invite Only" session to bring the outfit online and hope it works!

    Shortlisted masks that turn into Christmas masks after returning from online or story mode
    Black Gorilla Mask
    White Unicorn Mask
    Light brown horse with white strip running down middle of face vertically
    clean ginger bread
    (This part needs more work and all help would be outstanding)

    Shortlisted masks that don't change your outfit after returning from online or story mode
    Snowman Mask (sometimes changes outfit)
    Clean Santa Mask
    Penguin Mask
    Reindeer Mask
    (This part needs more work and all help would be outstanding)

    Blacklisted Items
    Cop Belt
    none Christmas Mask
    Christmas Scarfs
    Christmas Tops
    Christmas Bottoms
    Juggernaut Sweater

    Component Items
    Santa pants= Joggers (doesn't mean you try to go online with it. It means you can use it instead of joggers to get the outfit in the joggers method

    Duping birds
    (You will need to dupe birds if you've never done this before or if you don't have a shortlist saved. I start on a fresh game/app restart and spawn in directly to story mode. I then go into a public online lobby and start the current time trial. From here I go back to story mode)
    1.) Delete all outfits from shortlist (this will not delete your saved shortlist if you have one)
    2.) Navigate to Actors/Animals and shortlist any bird that isn't a hen
    3.) Navigate down to Actors/Online Characters and shortlist your online character (the one you started the time trial with)
    4.) Navigate back to "exit to story mode" and press "A" then accept the black alert screen
    5.) Open you interaction menu and scroll up to "enter director mode"
    6.) Navigate to your shortlist and switch back and fourth from your shortlisted bird and online character. You should see the bird duplicating. If not, start from step 1

    Kill the bird
    (Alternatively to duping birds, If you have a shortlist saved with outfits that are eligible to be taken online, you would have to kill the bird. I start on a fresh game/app restart and spawn in directly to story mode. From here you need to find a friend in a different targeting mode (assisted aim vs free aim). So press "start" /settings/controls/targeting mode to see what you're on. I then go into a public online lobby and start the current time trial. From here I go back to story mode and follow these steps)
    1.) Enter Directors Mode and navigate to Actors/Animals and press "A" on any bird which isn't a hen
    2.) You will spawn in as a bird. Open interaction menu and "quick navigate" to LS Downtown"
    3.) Press "RB" to fly and instantly crash it into something (floor preferably and it needs to fly. Maybe why the hen isn't used)
    4.) You will spawn by the trailer as a bird. Press "A" on the same bird to take back into DM
    5.) This time set a way point near a large body of water. Open interaction menu and "quick navigate" to "waypoint
    6.) Press "RB" to fly towards the deep part of water and open your interaction menu
    7.) Dive into the wave as it is coming towards you and press "A" as soon as you see the birds reflection in the water. You're looking to get the black screen just before the bird hits the water. (obviously, the steeper the decent the quicker you'd have to be)
    8.) At this point, you're going to need a friend in a different targeting mode. Quickly but calmly, press the "XBOX" button and navigate to a friend who is playing GTA V online and spam "A" to join their game (This person has to be in a different targeting mode)
    9.) Your friends profile card will go away and you need to get session details at the bottom right corner of the screen. If not, try joining someone else who is on the opposite targeting mode as you (different targeting mode; start/settings/controls/targeting mode to see what you're on)
    10.) After you get session details you will presented with a targeting mode alert screen. Deny the targeting mode alert by pressing "B" (I've never had to deny the first alert. I instantly get presented with the 2nd alert which is the targeting mode alert)
    11.) You should see the red wasted screen and your bird getting killed
    12.) You're now in an infinite loading screen. Join a friend in a different targeting mode to get out of any infinite loading screen (always!). Accept the first "session quit alert" by pressing "A" and deny the second "different targeting mode alert" by pressing "B" (This is the "Different Targeting Mode" sequence)
    You will spawn in as a bird in story mode. Open interaction menu and scroll up to "enter director mode" and press "A"
    14.) You're now back at the trailer ready to bring any eligible shortlisted outfit online by following any current method available

    (seems like a lot of steps but I'd rather kill birds all day and bring 5 previously shortlisted outfits as opposed to just bringing on 1 in the same amount of time. Killing the bird method is quick once you get the hang of it and should get it first try, no problem. Follow the videos first and use this for reference)

    (Again, just sharing what I can confirm working as of today. Please share your thoughts so we can contribute everything on a single post instead of searching through pages and videos)

    Credit and thx to MESCUDDI for the video below.

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    Dose it have to be x-mass mask or any mask
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    I cannot say I'm not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure its only xmas masks.
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    Ok ty will try when I get home nice find :thumbsup:
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    Nice find dude! Pretty cool method u got there. Congrats!

    Hope everybody has enough patience to hit it...

    Oh and a tip to make it a bit easier. Put a rubber band on ur left stick till animals stop duping. Doesn't has to be a bird anything will work. But bird is a bit faster as camera move is shorter. :thumbsup:

    Edit: Everything else is the same. U need a Xmas mask (no beast masks) to transfer it online.
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    Hey cool idea thanks, hopefully someone finds a easier way to dupe the birds though. :smile:
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    Doubt it. We had the same method to dupe birds but our way to start it was a huge pain in the ***. So we didn't release it. Yours is much better!
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    Yea switching spots triggers it. But seems this post triggers you more
    [doublepost=1521925532][/doublepost]If you have a better method that's fine with me. Ask the admins to remove this one and use yours. Like I care about who finds what.
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    Hey thanks for the tip Sup420
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    Nice but i was glad it got patched n i could get back to life and actual gaming lmfao. Until i realized adversary was patched that is lol
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    That's I say , we found it before you post this joke bro
    Its took a lot more time , without duplicating character it's impossible to have good outfit like before so it is what it is .....
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    Would the jugg helmet work to bring an outfit?
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    At steps 6 and 7, when I go back to trailer I am on the recently used list and not the short list.

    Edit; nvm, video shows
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    Is it possible to find an outfit with bandanna without glasses doing this glitch?
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    Do u gota be wearing hat like old one kuz im inn badsport??
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    I say the outfit doesn't matter at all. I don't switch anymore and get outfits online without any problems... :wink:
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    Really niiice thanxx 4 the answer so i can wear anything so fk the foward hat n that right dope
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    Yes. But would take too long to be worth a money glitch. The gctf lost glitchs posted would work great a money glitch
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    I can't get the cormoran to duplicate, I switched lots of time from cormoran to gta online 1..
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    Exit DM and try again , make sure its your online character and shortlist both of them then try
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