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Hey guys I am here to let you know that I have recently started up a dice clan with 2 friends and I have just been getting us reputation of were legit and what not before I released it. Basically what we do is you give one of my hosts or me your bet and we will roll the dice (1-100) if you get a 60+ we will trade you double your money!

You can also do 6x2 with a request and this is basically where you give the host your bet and then we will advertise it (NOTICE: on 6x2 its a 500k minimum)
We will then wait for somebody to match the wager/bet and then you will roll you dice in friends chat (NOTICE: Means you have to be in the cc) and so will the other person who ever roll's higher wins the pot but as hosting this type and not gaining profit the host gets 10%! My hosts are legit completly and if they scam you tell me and I will pay you the amount and take care of the host A.S.A.P.!

The clan chat is "Gold Duckies" this is also my RSN and our home world is world 6 and sometimes we will appear in 9. To see who is a host and who is not they will have a star next to there name wether it be a different color they are a host. (NOTICE: Smiley faces are not a host!) Then kindly ask them if they are available to host for you.

Please do not flame this thread saying scam scam scam.... Not that it means anything but I have posted on the RS Forums as well and we can all be easily banned if we scam even after posting there. We also have many people bet with us a day and can give you there satisfaction and disfatisfaction with us. I will be on in about 5 hours but login and join the channel and see if one of the other hosts are available.

Well I will see you in world 6 Se7enSins and CUATION We are not responsible for you betting your bank and losing we iwll not feel bad for you as this is a completly optional descion made by yourself and for any further questions ask below or PM in-game or on here!
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