Designing a Team- Wanna join?

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    Okay im getting tired of late night teams that run the xbox live world, I am interested in starting up a team.
    key points:
    1) Looking for people that know their way around the buidlings and structures of the game.
    2) looking for people that know how to talk through the game to be a team player. if your mute, I'm Sorry i can't use you.
    3) looking for person's that can be on top of their game for challenges.

    If these things are in your self than let me know. We could form a group of 7. and start defeating Others!

    no matter big or small, male or female. if you can get kills your in. strategy is useful.
    noobs and veterans looking to have some kick -you no what, time. send me a txt on x box live and send it to BOSTONREDSOX76

    Looking forward to talking with ya!

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