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Discussion Der Riese Pt. 2 ?? Advanced Tactics


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Listen up!

By this time, the zombies in Der Riese have claimed countless lives, with more and more victims added to the list every day. But if you're here reading this, then we can at least feel assured that the next wave of soldiers might stand a better chance.

Since relaying the basic information to you from our preliminary reports, we've started to receive documents detailing more advanced tactics, containing notes about powerful technology never before witnessed on the battlefield.

First, as always, communication and team cohesion reign as the top priorities within Der Riese. All subsequent advice relies on the strength and consistency of these two factors.

Now, as I hope and assume, your teams are comfortable to the point of at least turning on the power, as mentioned in our Initial Reports of the situation. At this point, you have yet other immediate needs to address.

Located throughout the stage are three teleporters, each capable of linking back to the starting mainframe and spread throughout the area as seen on your map. It is absolutely essential that these teleporters be linked up before the hordes begin to overwhelm your team.

Additionally, the four familiar Perks-a-Cola machines are also spread throughout the level, granting absolutely vital passive boosts to team members as the rounds move further. With the high attack power and high speed of some of the zombies out there, the necessity of Juggernog and Speed Cola in particular becomes top priority in order to keep you on your feet and dishing out damage with as little downtime as possible.

This is where our next tip will save countless lives. As Der Riese is such a large map, it's impossible for a teammate to think they can 'really quickly' go grab a perk or activate a teleporter. As a team, you must work together to unlock the doors that lead to the three teleporters and then link them back to the mainframe. This is your main objective; without doing so, you won't be able to survive the later rounds. To succeed, you must first activate a teleporter (1500 points) and then get back to and activate the mainframe within thirty seconds. Any member of the team, not strictly the same person that initiated the link up, can activate the mainframe. Perks-a-Cola machines, well, you should know how they work by now.

Ideally, you should have all three teleporters linked up by at least round X, hopefully with Juggernog and a decent weapon from the walls or Mystery Box, as well. Yet how this should be accomplished is the single greatest dilemma that destroys most teams.


You may wonder how this can be practical advice when the duration between rounds is so short. The most efficient way of getting perks, along with the opening of doors and linking of teleporters with ease, is to wait for the wave of zombies in a round to slow down toward the end. When only a few remain, you can either toss a grenade to make a slow crawler or keep one trapped behind a window, keeping an eye out to avoid getting hit while repairing the boards and forcing him from intruding. While one soldier baby-sits the lone undead, others can race out and grab what they need without fear of attack.

This is not a cheating tactic. In fact, it's nearly essential to perfect if you expect to consistently reach the later rounds. As mentioned before, many, many soldiers have died in their race to quickly pick up a perk or activate a teleporter, to the disadvantage of the downed team member and the entire squad. Gambling from the Mystery Box, getting perks, linking teleporters and opening the doorways between them all is an expensive endeavor, so accomplishing all will need to be spread throughout several rounds, and the tactic of leaving a lone straggler is far and away the safest way to ensure that team members can get what they need without the fear of getting killed.

Once teleporters A and B are linked, it's time to finally open the door leading to C and activate the final link up. And that's when things start to get fun. Once all three teleporters are linked, the door of the mainframe drops and the Pack A Punch machine is available for use.

Pack A Punch
Upgrade any weapon for 5,000 points. Insert a weapon, wait a brief moment, then retrieve the upgraded version. Every weapon is affected differently, from gaining a higher maximum amount of rounds, faster reload speeds, more damage, explosive ammunition?basically turning into an incredibly powerful version of its former self. Experiment and have fun.

Some soldiers who have made it to the later stages with Pack A Punch weapons have shared some valuable tips on how to stand your ground with them. We've heard that backing up into the teleporter rooms is a good way to fend off the oncoming waves. Specifically, the warehouse holding Teleporter C can be used as a barricade against the zombies. Have some MGs cover the ground floor from the stairs while others man the upper window and take care of the stragglers. Learn to work together and you might be able to form an impenetrable barrier.

Just remember, whenever someone on your teams needs to get an upgrade, whether that's running to the Mystery Box (look for the blue light in the sky!), getting a perk, or upgrading their weapon, wait for the end of the round to do so!

Stick together, don't get too anxious, adhere to these instructions, and you will thrive!

Happy hunting, soldiers.

For more information about Map Pack 3, click here.



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Good tactics for noobs at Der Riese, too bad we didn't have it earlier.


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This strat works well also, we have been trying a dif strategy as of late, we do not open anything on the Right side (If you are facing the PAP machine) open the doors leading to the thompson up the small stair set (Do not open the Trench gun far end door). We camp behind the wall that we did not open in the early rounds, one watches the window and 3 watch the area of walk way along the block wall. As long as both the large wall door and the door that leads to the trench gun stay shut, they can only come through the window and along the walls, We pooned all several times in this area, we made it to the high 20's and mid 30's all 4-5 times we tried this strat. It is very easy to keep a window lurker (Window Farming) or a crawler and you have plenty of room to move around un like the catwalk area AND WITH A shi& POT OF BETTIES YOU HAVE A RE-TREAT AREA, AND IF **** HITS THE FAN YOU CAN ALWAYS OPEN THE DOOR LEADING TO THE TRENCH GUN AREA AND TELEPORTER "A" AND WORK YOUR WAY TO THE CATWALK FOR A GO AT IT THERE. p.s i'M NOT SAYING THIS IS A BETTER METHOD BUT IF YOU ARE TIRED OF THE SAME FU^&%#G SPOT EVERY GAME PLEASE TRY THIS I BELIEVE YOU WILL BE SUPPRISED.

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All are good and work as long as you play as a team.
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