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Discussion Defense Grid: The Awakening Cheats!!

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Okay guys i have found some cheats for Defense Grid and i'm here to share. Some of them i have no idea what they do but if you find out what they do be sure to update me!!

(Hold in the right stick while doing these cheats, also use the D-pad)

Free Cam: down, up, down, down

Unlock all towers: up, down, left, right

???: left, left, right ,right

No hud: left, left, left, right

Kill All Monsters: left, right, left, right

Monsters don't grab cores: up, left, down, right

???: up, right, down, left

Beat level: up x4

Lose level: down x4

100,000 Resources: right x4

And the rest are unknown

up down down up

up up up down

left left up up

right right down down

Leave a Thanks if i helped at all :smile:
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