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    Map Story:
    In the ruins of Havana, Marines used this area to hold Covenant hostages for interrogation, and then execution.


    {Recommended Players 2-8}

    Map Description:
    An a-symmetrical map designed for team based games. Main pathways, center building, bases. All gametypes work.

    The Aim:
    To create a map that played like Headlong, however I don't think it actually does at all. FFA plays very well with a small amount of people, I minimized all spawn killing as much as possible. Works with any team gametypes too.

    Battle Rifle x6
    Assault Rifle x3
    Shotgun x1
    Sniper Rifle x2 (180 Respawn, 1 Spare Clip)
    SMG x3
    Spiker x2
    Magnum x1
    Plasma Pistol x2
    Needler x2
    Covenant Carbine x3
    Mauler x2
    Rocket Launcher x1 (180 Respawn, 0 Spare Clips)
    Machine Gun Turret x1
    Plasma Grenade x8
    Bubble Shield x1
    Regenerator x1
    Power Drainer x1
    Ghost x1
    Overshield x1 (180 Respawn)


    The hill.

    Shield door bridge :]

    Attackers base.

    Inside center building.



    How long did this take you to make?
    Hard to say, I haven't had much free time lately but still wanted to make a map, so I did take some shortcuts, as you probably noticed.

    I don't like the weapon layout, change it?
    Sorry I did do a lot of testing, I'm fine with it, if you don't like it you can change it, as long as my name is left on it and I'm given full credit.

    Are you going to release an MLG version of this map?
    Never, it wouldn't be the style that MLG players enjoy, plus I hate MLG with a strong passion. The players are such jerks.. lol

    Do you actually design your maps first? Or do you just start building from whatever ideas pop into your head?
    Yes, I usually just design my maps using Paint. This time I used Google Sketchup, here is how the design looked. Deadlock Design I did change certain things, entrances, didn't have enough pieces for the roof that I had wanted.

    Is this map escapable?
    I've had this tested, I'd be surprised if you can get out. The people who usually break my map tested it, and they did manage to break it in several ways. But I've fixed everything so far.

    Do you plan on making more maps?
    Not for a while, unfortunately with university work I haven't got much free time, I just made this because I have a week off and had been bursting to make another map lol.

    Can you help me with my map? Please? It's gonna be amazing!
    No I can't, so please leave me alone and stop asking! I'll help with small things but I'm not joining your party and geo-merging/merging things for you. There are tutorials, I'm really busy at the moment so I can't be much help for a while.

    ~Comment back, I hope you like it.~

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    wow this looks awesome, Nice Geo-merging:thumbup: