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Mod Menu Dead Island Developer Menu *Download*

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This Menu Includes: - Full dev menu
- All but 1 Acheivements unlock when you melee a Zombie, other one will unlock very quickly during gameplay.
- All Carryable item mass set to low
- Less Craft items needed to create weapons
- Modded Credits
- Earn big amounts of XP
- Level up really quickly (one hit and you should be level 50)
- Unlock all skill points needed when you hit level 50
- Super health
- Unlimited Stamina
- Fast Regeneration of health and stamina
- Faster Sprint
- Faster Swimming
- Carry more weight
- No Recoil on weapons
- Super Jump (Bout 20-30ft in the air)
- Mega Melee (From way across the screen. At least 200+yards)
- Weapon mods 100% Accuracy when firing from the hip. Looking down the barrel "Iron Sight" wont hit anything. Shoot guns without usint LT for perfect accuracy.
- Loot types modded. Money of bodies should be 200+k if not more. Should also have much higher chance of getting orange items.

Video of Developer Menu:

Data 0: download
Data 1: download

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So can you ISO Mod this? Or is it an Unsigned XEX?
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