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Discussion DAYZ Xbox preview worth $40!?

Is DAYZ (preview) worth $40!?

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I have been reading reviews of this Xbox version and 52% of the reviews on the MS store are 1 star. It’s pretty obvious to me that I shouldn’t buy the game yet but I’m hoping as time goes by they will update it and lower the price but I can’t be sure obviously.
I made the mistake of buying PUBG: Battlegrounds (I have the standard X One) and it is terrible with all the bugs/lack of loading/maps, etc. So I’m trying to avoid paying $40 since I know it’s not good enough to buy and PUBG was on sale for $16 at one point, which is the only reason I bought it.

Let me know what your opinion of it is if you have it and what system, X1, X1S, X1X.



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So, this will cost 65.00 when completed. Stuff is missing right now in the preview version. Like tent spawns and working vehicles.
Some lobbies zombies don't spawn at all, some they spawn but when you get close to them they do nothing, and some they are super aggressive. Like you get one in sight and a whole slew of them come to kill you. Would be nice to have tents to set stuff down. Managed to keep the same character from day one til last night. (aggressive zombies killed him) I would have been able to keep this character alive but I had two mountain backpacks and carrying a second backpack drains your characters energy. Other than not having a place to store stuff it's not too bad. I managed to find tons of ammo and took an entire group out last night. ( I am sure they will be looking for me...lol) Another bug is the player voice comes through the tv and the headset making it annoying to run into players at all. Easiest way to silence them is to kill them.
There are plenty of bugs in the game but that is why it's in preview. Just report the issue and keep trying to stay alive.
A map or compass would be a nice find though. Or a watch to know what time of day it is so we could navigate.
Weapon ammo needs to auto clip though. On console we cant easily access the inventory menu to grab a clip. Just allow us to use a quick access button while the weapon is in arms so we can just reload.

Is the game worth 40.00? Yeah, some stuff is bugged or missing at the moment but still fun to game. And you'll be a better player when everything is functioning properly.
And it's a 25.00 savings when the game goes full version. I buy just about al preview versions of games. And so far have not been disappointed.


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It’s not even worth $20 in my opinion. The game has been available for years on PC and it’s no where near a complete game.
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