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  1. Pwnedtheif

    Pwnedtheif Newbie

    Well i have modded Xbox that was working fine until recently, when upload a game to my HDD with DVDtoXbox the power went out and the upload process never got completed. so when the power came back on i tried to load back up my xbox and as soon as it starts to load the dashboard it playes the music and sits at a black screen, then when i eject the disk drive it restarts. it playes games fine but when i try to go back to the dashboard via start+select+L+R it just reloads the disc game. and help is very appreciated.

    P.S. i cannot connect to it via FTP

    Info: xecutor 3 modchip. Maxtor HDD, EvoX Dashboard.
  2. VexxVoid

    VexxVoid Semi Colon Close Parenthesis

    You can either figure out a way to ftp if possible of try using SlaYer's EvoX Boot Disc.
  3. Johnodd4

    Johnodd4 Enthusiast

    your dash is corrupted.

    {see error code 15}

    {error code 15 happens when the xbox hard drive becomes corrupted error code 15 means that the xbox can play games but will not boot to the dashboard.}

    For mod chiped consoles this error code doesn't pop up because the mod chip is doing the work instead of the onboard bios.

    How to fix.

    Simple boot a disk slayers evox any format and restart the xbox hard drive.

    Bad news: you will lose all your data.

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