Working Daily Sell Limit for Personal Vehicles

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    This information is meant to be a safe guide or strategy to selling duplicated vehicles.
    Over the last 2 years, I have seen quite a few changes in this information. Keep in mind that I do not actively monitor the tunables, background scripts or modshop files after a new update.
    If a new update is released for the game I would exercise caution jumping right into selling vehicles again.
    Neither I or anybody else offering information is responsible for you hitting your limit.
    This behavior is already a grey area with Rockstar and that can change at any time.


    • 2 cars Per 2 hours real time.
    • 7 cars per 30 hours real time.
    • 3 cars in any 2 hour time frame.
    • Over 7 per 30 hours.
    The Daily Limit for Personal Vehicles is a system Rockstar put into place to limit the number of Personal Vehicles for a certain time period.
    This Limit works by recording stats as Multiplayer Data on Social Club.
    These stats are called every time the player enters a mod shop.
    Depending on certain stats your sell limit could be affected and the game will not allow you to sell Personal Vehicles.

    Some of these stats include:

    • Times vehicles were sold.
    • Total vehicles sold for a certain time period.
    • Player Exploit level and many more.
    • Selling too quickly and selling too many vehicles are both ways to raise your exploit level and decrease you Daily Limit.
    • All times refer to are Real Life times and are not based on the GTA Clock.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • This message prevents you from a sale.
    • When determining your limit do not count this as a sale.
    Purchased Vehicle:
    • Any Vehicle you paid for through an in game website.
    • A duplication of this vehicle type.
    • Can be sold with No wait time at LSC.
    Stolen Vehicle:
    • Any Vehicle taken off Street without paying for it.
    • A duplication of this vehicle type.
    • 48 minute wait on sale or One day in game.
    • It will not count against daily limit.
    Personal Vehicle:
    • Any Vehicle fitted with a tracker and/or stored in player garage.
    • Sale counts against daily limit.
    • Upgrading any vehicle at Benny's to a Custom Variant will automatically install a tracker.
    • If you stole a Benny's compatible vehicle from the street and upgrade it is now considered a purchased vehicle.
    [SIZE=4][COLOR=rgb(191, 191, 191)]
    [LEFT][SIZE=4][COLOR=rgb(191, 191, 191)]
    [LEFT][SIZE=4][COLOR=rgb(191, 191, 191)]
    [LEFT][SIZE=4][COLOR=rgb(191, 191, 191)]
    [LEFT][SIZE=4][COLOR=rgb(191, 191, 191)][LEFT][LEFT]"CAP_FOR_EXPLOIT_LEVEL_3": [{"value": 6}],
    "CAP_FOR_EXPLOIT_LEVEL_4": [{"value": 9}],//Trap to get you to sell more
    "CAP_FOR_EXPLOIT_LEVEL_5": [{"value": 9}],//Trap to get you to sell more
    "CAP_FOR_EXPLOIT_LEVEL_6": [{"value": 9}],//Trap to get you to sell more
    "CAP_FOR_EXPLOIT_LEVEL_7": [{"value": 3}],
    "CAPS_ARE_ENFORED": [{"value": true}],//Toggle Daily Limit Message On/Off. Will still track exploit level
    "REPEAT_OFFENDERS_CAPS_ARE_ENFORCED": [{"value": true}//Toggle Daily Limit Message On/Off
    "REPEATOFFENDERCAP1": [{"value": 2}],//Daily Limit when exploit is RepeatOffenderCap1
    "REPEATOFFENDERCAP2": [{"value": 1}],Daily Limit when exploit is RepeatOffenderCap2
    "PERMANENTCAPREPEATOFFENDER2": [{ "value": 657001}],//The time it takes to recover from RepeatOffenderCap2
    "PERMANENTCAPREPEATOFFENDER1": [{"value": 657001}],//The time it takes to recover from RepeatOffenderCap1

    Your exploit level is raised by crossing thresholds.
    The thresholds are:

    • Selling too quickly; Do not sell 3 vehicles within any 120 minute time period.
    • Selling up to your limit; When you enter the mod shop the script checks your exploit level which will either allow you to sell the vehicle or receive an alert.
      • Example: If your limit is 6 vehicles per 30 hours and you just sold #6, you will not receive a Daily Limit alert until you attempt to sell #7. Because of this, I always recommend players who know their limit to take one additional car in the mod shop and only check the price.
    • Selling Over your Limit; Normally you would hit a Daily Limit message. Exceptions are Players with no exploit level and Exploit levels 4, 5, 6. which allows you to sell 9 cars as a trap.
    Below is actual caps and how the limit works.
    This Not a suggestion to sell 40, 10 or 8.
    The suggestion is to sell 7 per 30 hours with no limit, so you never hit any limit whatsoever.

    EXPLOIT LEVELS <--------------> DAILY LIMIT (per 30 hours)

    • NO LEVEL <---------------------->100 (due to thresholds it is 30 or 40)
    • LEVEL 1 <------------------------>10 Vehicles
    • LEVEL 2 <------------------------> 8
    • LEVEL 3 <------------------------> 6 Vehicles
    ~ No custom license plate option below this level ~

    • LEVEL 4 <------------------------> 9 Vehicles/ *Threshold is 5 Vehicles*
    • LEVEL 5 <------------------------> 9 Vehicles/ *Threshold is 4 Vehicles*
    • LEVEL 6 <------------------------> 9 Vehicles/ *Threshold is 3 Vehicles*
    • LEVEL 7 <------------------------> 3 Vehicles
    60 month Cap Recovery (5 years)

    • LEVEL 1 <------------------------> 2 Vehicles every 30 hours
    • LEVEL 2 <------------------------> 1 Vehicle every 30 hours
    • Level 2 is the “1 CAR A DAY CLUB”

    This is the function that blocks PV sales in the mod shop and produces the Daily Sell Limit message.
    To start a selling strategy, it is important you do the following:

    • Clear your Window by not selling any vehicles for at least 30 hours (One day and six hours).
    • Your 30 hour time frame begins at the sale of your first car.
    • It ends 1 day and 6 hours later.
    • Sell 1 car per hour and never more than 7 per 30 hours.
    • Write the sale time down for each vehicle.
    If you accidentally sell 3 or more cars within 2 hours:
    • Stop selling cars immediately and wait 30 hours before selling again
    "NUMBER_OF_MINUTES_FOR_CAP_RECOVERY": [{"value": 3600}],

    • Currently 60 hours.
    • Cap Recovery is the amount of time that has to pass before your exploit level is lowered to the next level.
    • The time would start from the last vehicle you sold that resulted in selling = or > your current cap.
    • It's important to not sell up to your limit and always check but not sell your last vehicle each day.
    "ENABLEPVCLEANUP": [{"value": true}],

    • A value of True will enable Cap Recovery.
    • A value of false will disable Cap Recovery.
    • Latest Information on Dupe Detect added August 10, 2018
      Implemented March 22nd, 2017.
    • Dupe Detect tracks the last 30 vehicles you have used and also tracks vehicle sales for exact generic (non iFruit) license plates.
    • If duplicate generic plates are detected, the game marks that specific plate as dupe detected.
    • Dupe Detect records and stores the vehicle model and license plate text for the previous 7 sales regardless of custom or generic.
    • For dupe detect to be triggered both the Vehicle model and Plate text must match a previous stored value.
    • As each vehicle is sold the oldest stored value will drop off
    • Immediately lose access to change to custom plates on the vehicle with detected plates.
    • You will hit the Daily Limit message after the second dupe detected vehicle and then be restricted to 1 vehicle per 30 hour Limit.
    • Dupe detect isn't shared between 1st & 2nd characters. (untested)
    If you have a high exploit level already, dupe detect will lower the price of each sale until it hits 2% of the initial sale price. See chart below

    A new background script decreases the Sale value of any vehicle if your Peak Exploit Level increased more than 3 up to 7 and it's decreased by the amount of dirty dupes you have.

    • 0 Dupe = 1
    • 1 Dirty Dupe = Sell_Value * 0.5
    • 2 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.25
    • 3 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.125
    • 4 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.06
    • 5 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.02
    • 6 Dirty Dupes and more use the same value for 5 Dirty Dupes.
      950000 * 0.02 = 19000
    • That means you have been detected as having 5 Dirty Dupes or more.

    False Positives:
    • If you deleted a custom plate in iFruit and still have it on vehicles It will act as if that vehicle is Dupe Detected.
    • This is a false positive and an unfortunate glitch that Rockstar has not fixed.
    • Once this plate has been deleted from inventory it is nearly impossible to re-add it to your inventory or change the plate on the vehicle that has been falsely detected.
    • If your not sure if you have deleted a plate or not, go through the plates in your iFruit plate inventory and write down all the plates.
    • Go through your garage and make sure all of your custom plates are also listed in iFruit.
    Get out of Dupe Detect:
    • Get rid of Dupe Detected vehicles. If you catch it early on, your Daily Limit will be instantly removed as long as you had no prior exploit level.
    • Your only options are to dupe over the detected vehicles or replace them with other vehicles. I
    • would not recommend selling these cars as you are only doing yourself more harm than help by flagging yourself as a High Level Exploiter.
    • Level 4, 5 & 6 have changed to 9 cars.
    • This is your limit but your exploit level is actually lower.
    • This is a plot that R* had devised to get people into the RepeatCapOffender levels of 1 or 2 cars for 9 months or more.
    • It is important that you do not sell 9 cars.
    • Depending how many times you sold over this will determine what your true level is.
    • The current recommendation is to only sell 1 car for 15 days to fully recovered from this.
    • Selling more than 1 or not taking a rest from sales for at least 15 days is at your own risk.
    • If you hit a limit message after selling 8 or 6 cars:
      Record the limit you hit and assume you have moved down to the next limit. Sold 8 and hit limit= Limit is now 7
    Make sure you have not sold any vehicles in the last 30 hours.
    • Record the time the first vehicle sold as: START TIME 1
    • In the next 30hours after your start time, Sell cars, Not violating the 3 per 120min rule.
    • Stop selling when you reach 1 less than your Limit determined in step 1.
    • You can sell less if you want
    • When you are done selling for that period, always check the price on 1 additional vehicle. Thus proves you did not hit you limit on the previous sale.
    • 30 hours after START TIME 1...Repeat 3-5 Record time in Step 3 as: START TIME 2
    • 30 hours after START TIME 2...You can increase you limit by 1 and repeat
    • Once you are able to sell 7 cars you must not try to sell more.
    • Overselling in 3 consecutive 30 hour periods is likely to move you back down.
    • Not all Frozen Money vehicles will hit this limit.
    • I found code that indicates some of these vehicles are being tagged when they are purchased.
    • For people that already have these cars and have been detected you should attempt to install new custom plates that are all different.
    • For the vehicles that are detected you can sell 1 per 30 hours without raising you exploit level.
    AUGUST 10, 2018

    • Fixed bug in code that would falsely dupe detect people. Dupe detect is now working as designed
    • Custom plates vs. Generic plates? Its personal preference.
    • Each sale stores vehicle model an plate text.
    • The last 7 sales are accessed when selling.
    • A successful sale that matches both the vehicle model and plate text will trigger dupe detection.
    • Dupe Detection will block you from selling another vehicle for 30 hours and remove the option to change the license plate to a custom plate.
    • Although you can sell again after 30 hours, the previously stored information will remain.
    • In addition, each plate that has previously triggered dupe detect will be saved in an additional stat so waiting for a plate to drop off the 7 previous sales wont do any good if it has already been detected.
    • Have a variety of custom plates and pay attention to their location
    • Generic plates that have different text are safe for the most part but could still hit dupe detection depending how they were created.
    • It's not necessary but I always recommend making each dupe unique by 1 or 2 other changes to the vehicle ex. paint, color, spoiler etc.
    • Selling 3 vehicles in any 2 hour period will be recorded as a threshold cross. After 8 threshold crosses your exploit level will be raised.
    • 08-10-2018
      The nightclub update was bittersweet. A bug with license plates was fixed. Selling dupes with the same custom plate however has a greater potential to be dupe detected. Nothing else has changed Except Frozen Money Vehicles are being checked.

      • 03-10-2018 Threshold changed to 120 minutes and # cars changed to 3.
      • 08-29-2017
      • Repeat Cap Offender Time changed from 9 months to 15 months
      • 07-21-2017
      • Threshold changed to 60 minutes and # cars changed to 3.
      • What does this mean? Selling 3 cars within 60 minutes will raise your exploit level. The 7 minute rule is officially retired.
      • Options:Sell
        • 1 car every 31 minutes
        • Sell 2 cars, wait 60 minutes and sell 2 more

      Of course...dupe detect and RepeatCapOffender hasn't changed.

      • 03-29-2017
      • If you found this thread because you hit the Daily Limit after 1 sale, you have most likely been flagged for having duplicates. The code was checking license plate in all garages and has since blacklisted all of the plates.
      • 4-12-2017
      • Dupe Detect is now lowering the prices of each subsequent vehicle.
      • Quoting funmw2 's post on the most recent changes in dupe detect.
      • A new background script decrease the Sale value of any vehicle if your Peak Exploit Level increased more than 3 up to 7 and it's decreased by the amount of dirty dupes you have.

      0 Dupe = 1
      1 Dirty Dupe = Sell_Value * 0.5
      2 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.25
      3 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.125
      4 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.06
      5 Dirty Dupes = Sell_Value * 0.02
      6 Dirty Dupes and more use the same value for 5 Dirty Dupes.
      950000 * 0.02 = 19000
      That means you have been detected as having 5 Dirty Dupes or more.

      • 02-06-2017 It's a trick!! Don't fall for it!!!
      • Recent Tunable Changes.
      • CURRENTVEHICLESALESSEASON": [{"value": 7}],
      • "CAP_FOR_EXPLOIT_LEVEL_4": [{"value": 9}], Actual hidden limit = 5
      • "CAP_FOR_EXPLOIT_LEVEL_5": [{"value": 9}], Actual hidden limit = 4
      • "CAP_FOR_EXPLOIT_LEVEL_6": [{"value": 9}], Actual hidden limit = 3
      • *What this means is that if you hit your first level 1 or 2. The following 30hr window you will try to sell 8 and hit additional limits. The third window (level 4-6) when you think your limit should have gone back up...It does because you are able to sell up to 9, but your current exploit level is lower and you are eventually put into Repeat Cap Offender Levels 1 or 2.
      • *Do not hit your limit. The new Limit has a +1 built in. So if your limit is 8 and you sell 8, when compared in the formula it acts as if you sold 9. example: (if #Cars sold in a day +1 > Limit then record as exploit)
      • *Because of this we have lowered the recommended 30 hr limit from 9 to 8 and this trigger may even be 7. When done selling for your 30 hour window, check if an additional sale is possible. Driving to the Customs Shop and check the price. This will show that you did not hit your limit on your last sale. Do Not Sell this vehicle.
      • *The algorithm seems to be looking for sales three 30 hour periods in a row.
      • *Strongly advise to sell for two 30 hour windows and then take 60 hours off from selling and repeat.
      • *I understand how much of a pain this will be but until this new system is fully understood we do not want to hit any limits.
      • 02-01-2017
      • Hitting limit for certain Players now lowering limits
      • *We've had quite a few players report that selling to limit with 7 minute spacing has lowered limit
      • *Investigating the cause but my best guess is that it is only happening only to players who have had a exploit level prior to January 6th. More info needed on this.
      • *I updated the OP making suggestion to sell 1 less than known limit. This is going to make finding your limit harder and will most likely require a complete rewrite of the tutorial. So for now I have the following suggestions:
      • **If you have currently been hitting your limit and had no negative effect. Continue to do so. Please report any changes
      • **If you followed this guide correctly (7min rule, 30hr rule etc) and unexpectedly hit your limit. Stop selling for a day or two and realize what your limit would be since you last hit it. Sell 1 less than your limit from now on.
      • *I need to know players who have unexpectedly had their limit drop even though they were following this guide...example:
      • Monday: Sold 8 with 7 minute spacing. Received limit message attempting 9th sale.
      • Wednesday(30+hrs later): Sold 6 with 7 minute spacing. Received limit message attempting the 7th sale.
      • 01-20-2017
      • Confirmed Additional Threshold for being marked as an exploit.This is not in the tunable.
      • Do not sell 10 or more cars in 30 hours
      • If you don't know your start time; take a 30 hour break from your LAST sale. From that point your 1st sale will be your start point.
      • I updated the OP yesterday and the follow is still true and correct:7 mins rule,
      • Time starts with 1st car,
      • Limit message ok...except 10th car,
      • Caps Enforced,
      • Levels,
      • Cap Recovery time
      • I spent hours on this last night and this morning. I will post more soon but wanted to get the 10 car info out.
      • 01-18-2017
      • Daily Sell Limit Window changed from 24 to 30 hours. This will change our selling strategy.
      • Implementation of Repeat Cap Offender Levels. (1 car & 2 car)
      • Implementation of Repeat Cap Offender Times (9 months or R* removal)
      • Reduction of Cap Recovery time 96 hours to 60 hours
      • 01-16-2017
      • Early reports of players hitting limits already. Most likely the entries were added to the Title Update or a new Tunable file has been created. Thread is back open.
      • 01-06-2017
      • The Tunable file has Vehicle Caps removed.
      • This has led to unlimited sales.
      • I would have thought it was only a 24 hour thing but we're going past 48 now.
      • I strongly advise everybody to still exercise the 7 minute spacing as those values are still in place.
      • Sell outside this guide at your own risk.
      • I am monitoring the tunable and will let everybody know when it changes.
    Q. I did this dupe over the weekend and sold a couple cars. Now I don't have access to my custom plates. Help!

    A. *If you've suddenly hit a limit of 1 or 2 for the first time, check for Dupe Detected vehicles (dupes with generic license plates that match), check garages for custom license plates that you've accidentally deleted from iFruit. If either of these conditions exist, you should get rid of these vehicles to remove the dupe detection. See section G above for more details.
    Q. My dupes are selling for 100k less than they did yesterday. How come?

    *Note: Sale prices on vehicles will reduce the resale of your vehicle. It's just economics. If it happens to be a Tuesday when you notice your car is selling for 100k less; A modshop discount is highly likely to be the reason.
    Q. If the max Daily Limit is (100 or 30-40), why do you recommend selling 7 or less?

    A. Your exploit level is looked at and calculated over a couple seasons. A new player may be able to sell 40 cars in 30 hours but it will be short lived. Eventually, selling back to back and crossing the threshold multiple times will force an exploit level to be set in. A lot of players only arrive at this thread after their first Daily Limit is Hit (10) or have hit the limit a few times and may destined for repeat cap offender. This is where selling 7 comes in to play. It was tested as a good strategy for almost all players who haven't hit a limit, players who hit the limit once or twice and players who hit their limit multiple times and had worked their way back up. 03-10-2018 A new rule makes selling 40 cars a day a Daily Limit Death Sentence. Don't do it!

    Q. I have two characters on my account. Can I sell double the amount?

    A. No. Each Social Club account is allowed 2 characters. These two characters share the same bank account and the same Daily Limit. You do not have individual limits

    Q. What is a Daily Limit for Personal Vehicles?

    A. The daily limit is a measure put in the tunable file to deter the exploit of Personal Vehicles sales from duplication glitches
    Q. Should I worry about getting banned for doing this?

    A. No. This is not a glitch or bypass. Think of it as a Strategy Guide.
    Q. As long as I maintain the proper spacing between sales can I hit my limit every day and still increase my limit.

    A. No. You want to avoid hitting your limit. Its recommended to take 60 hours off from selling if unsure and attempt to sell 7 and only check the price on #8. Remember these numbers can change and the tunable is updated often.

    Q. Can I just not play for a few weeks and my level will automatically adjust.

    A. You do not need to login every day and sell a car to adjust your level. I would try to go online every few days just to be sure you limit raises.
    Q. Do I have to sell exactly 1 less than my limit to move up a level?

    A. You can sell anything less than your current limit or none at all. Just do not hit your limit.
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  2. CauseMe

    CauseMe Newbie

    I noticed you said selling back to back isn't good. I sold two cars back to back, then waited two hours. Then sold another two cars back to back. I was planning on doing that until I reached 7 cars then would wait 30 hours and repeat that process. Is that safe?
  3. Navy Davey

    Navy Davey ☠️ Retired

    Two cars in two hours is okay.
    If you sell three in two hours you will be flagged as a cheater and after several instances of this you will be placed on a daily sales limit.
    Make sure if you do sell two back to back you wait a full two hours. It’s best to be even more careful of the time if you sell back to back.
  4. Martchenier

    Martchenier Enthusiast


    If you sell them in a manner outside of the suggested sales pattern outlined in the OP then yes you will have a daily sales limit. These parameters apply for all personal vehicle sales.

    If you sell them back to back you will be put into the repeat cap offender category and will never be able to sell more than one car a day for eternity.
    I wouldn’t ever recommend that you do that and personally think it’s not worth throwing away your money for outfits no matter how interesting you think they may be. If you do want to do that glitch your best bet is to sell your dupes in the manner suggested in the OP. Selling cars at a rate of 7 per 30 hours it will take you 5 days to sell 28 cars and you will be able to sell the last two in the 6th day and then can perform the character transfer glitch.
    Thanks for your advice ..
    Unfortunately I was too impatient and did it last night before you answered me .
    I ended up selling 23 b2b. Rotated between 10 custom plates. Hopefully I won't lose my plates
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
  5. Navy Davey

    Navy Davey ☠️ Retired

    You may not lose your plates but you will be on a daily sales limit.
    Good luck man.
  6. Martchenier

    Martchenier Enthusiast

    Thanks. I'll wait 15 days before even attempting to sell a car. Or on second thought,I have no reason to sell anything else but I'll sell NPCs daily. Hopefully my exploit level will go down .
  7. Martchenier

    Martchenier Enthusiast

    I did end up losing all my plates ...... I won't sell any personal for 15 days and let you guys know if I did get them back
  8. Martchenier

    Martchenier Enthusiast

    Np . I might as well document what happens so we can see if anything has changed with r*. I'll be logging in daily to check if I have plates back or not . I'll definitely will keep you guys posted
  9. spamdie

    spamdie Enthusiast

    If you've never been dupe detected it gives you rope to hang yourself until you actually do.

    I'm at a low level so i sell 2 cars back to back with no issue and then sell 2 more the next "Day".
    But I have enough money so i sell 2 per day. I don't look at the the time. I do 2 max per day. Within 24 hours it doesn't matter. As long as i stick to 2 per day i'll reach a max for 4 in 24 hours no matter what time i buy during the day (Obviously not within 2 hours).

    Remember they'll let you hang yourself without telling you. And the only way to tell if you are hitting the limit is when it's too late. Unless you're in a rush to buy large purchases to be able to do more duplication or something that requires the purchase. I wouldn't risk it.
    Much easier to not have to think of it too hard rather then be in wait 3 days to sell a car because you got flagged down to one Car per 30 hours. And on the edge of being cut off from any sales permanently.
  10. IhateGTA

    IhateGTA Enthusiast

    I kind of figure this question has already been asked but I don't want to go through 376 pages of this thread to find the answer. Say you do a duplication glitch that removes the tracker from someone's personal vehicle like a gc2f. If the person the car is going to never puts a tracker on it would it count towards the daily limit or would it count as a street vehicle?
  11. Navy Davey

    Navy Davey ☠️ Retired

    The car gets a tracker as soon as it goes into a garage. Yes it counts towards the sell limit. You don’t have to read through the thread. That information is in the OP which is pinned to the top of every page.
  12. hk200

    hk200 Newbie

    I sold quite a few cars yesterday and got sell limit so I just sell 5 cars a day every 1 hour and 10 mins.

    Just trying to find out what my sell limit as I got it yesterday, I obtained the cars from frozen money using save wizard
  13. AlekMarbles

    AlekMarbles Newbie

    Tried to find my answer by reading OP and comments but just getting confused, if i do merge dupes over elegys can i sell them whenever b2b or do i also have to stick to the 2 in 2 or 7 in a day for this kind of dupe
  14. Navy Davey

    Navy Davey ☠️ Retired

    This applies to all vehicles.
    Stick to the suggestion for selling.
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  15. hk200

    hk200 Newbie

    Would you be able to tell what level I’m on? I hit daily sell limit yesterday for first time I think I sold 3 cars back to back then later on sold about 2-3 more back to back then I got banged with the daily sell limit cause I sold 2 back to back before then stopped?

    What do you think my daily sell limit is now? Like 5 cars, I’m starting to only sell 3 cars per day, 1 per 2 hour
    I used frozen money glitch with save wizard to get the deluxos
  16. Navy Davey

    Navy Davey ☠️ Retired

    Your daily limit is however many cars the game lets you sell in a 30 hour period.
    You need to know that to figure out which exploit level you are at.
    Finding your exploit level is up to you.
    The information to do so is contained in the OP.
  17. Martchenier

    Martchenier Enthusiast

    So today was day 5 or 6 of having list my plates due to selling 23 cars b2b. Still didn't have plates today, so I decided to order a new plate through ifruit. The order processed and I got my new plate! So I drove right back in mod shop and noticed I got all my plates back ! Woot! I learned my lesson and will never do anything stupid like that again!
  18. ToastWithJam

    ToastWithJam Enthusiast

    So I think I may have goofed.

    I have a metric ton of Deluxos that I've had in storage since the last frozen money glitch from 2 years ago (probably at least 50, from an original number of 70). Yesterday I sold a pair of clean duped Elegies back to back on my second character, and today I sold a pair of Deluxos to finance some Arena War upgrades. All good, right? 4 sales in 24 hours, no big deal.

    However while not paying attention I sold my Cerberus about 40 minutes later to switch it from Apocalypse to Future Shock while the sale's still on. That's 5 in 30 hours, which is still not a problem. However, that's also 3 in 2 hours (two frozen Deluxos, one legit Cerberus), which I believe might be an issue.

    I've never been detected before, nor have I ever received a sell limit in the past. As far as I can tell, Rockstar considers me a clean player. Where do I go from here? Go dark for 30 hours and retry?
  19. Martchenier

    Martchenier Enthusiast

    I'd go 60 hours tbh
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  20. BipolarGaming

    BipolarGaming Enthusiast

    Hello, I have read all the information in the first post which is amazing and I thank you for all the info...
    I just want to make sure that I am doing the right thing... and If I understand properly.

    I have worked out that I am on exploit level 7 as I am able to sell 3 vehicles in a 30 hour period. I hit my daily limit when I tried to sell my 4th.
    Now in order to repair my exploit level I must wait 30 hours and then sell 3 cars, wait another 30 hours after selling the 3 cars and then attempt to sell 4? then wait another 30 hours and try and sell 5?

    Sorry I tried to take in all the information but it is a little confusing for someone who has never duped before.

    The other Question I have is, on the account I have there is garages filled with vehicles that have custom number plates on them that I don't have on iFruit... if I add that number plate on iFruit can I then sell them without detection?

    Thanks very much.
  21. ToastWithJam

    ToastWithJam Enthusiast

    The cap degradation rate is currently 1 per 60 hours, so unfortunately in your case that means if you want to clean your slate completely you'll have to wait for 420 hours (approximately 18 days) before selling anything.

    As for custom plates - any custom plate will clean a dupe as long as the plate hasn't been detected in the past. I would recommend changing the plate to one you have already though.

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