PS4 Customize Your Character For Free Glitch

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    1. Enough money to buy customization for 100k, and move your gta app to a folder sitting beside your spotify app
    2. customize your character to your liking
    3. take your criminal photo, and join a session; don't have your character presentable you must start with step 4 when at the bottom right says joining session or loading
    4. start spotify
    5. close spotify
    6. go back to gta, and accept alert; close your app immediately don't do nothing yet
    7. Have your friend start a party and invite you in any setups, or finale once you join their session leave the job. When you start joining that party invite; it will look like this

    8. Profit! you get a free new look without spending the 100k that is required.

    !Worth Note!:smile:
    My Friend with a party invited me that was in a doomsday job after I closed my application after raging, and I joined and rotated with them on act 2. After it was done I noticed no money was deducted on the cosmetics changes.
    I think I found out the culprit of why it takes away the money if done incorrectly. You must have that friend create a party with you two guys, or girls in it, and you join their job by their party invite. This will make the game not charge you.

    Sometimes when you have already nailed the glitch the customization alert will prompt you when joining a session about changing your character appearance do not change the appearance since you already did it to your liking.

    I did this all by accident by doing act 2 rotation while doing a customization in between while stuck in a endless loading while raging so hard at rockstar, and i'm no glitch hunter. I'm the founder if i'm right? XD.

    Feedback will be great on this glitch, and maybe I could mend these steps more correctly to be understood better.

    Cool Down Every 45 Minutes To Change Again
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    You can do this already buy starting a new character customising it and loading online then you want to dissconnect inter net and delete character and load in with first or something I will try to find proper steps
    [doublepost=1526634472][/doublepost]) Make a new character in the free slot.

    2) Skip tutorial.

    3) Get to level 6 on that new character. Helps if you have someone to invite you to jobs, or in a busy lobby.

    4) When you are level 6, go to "Swap Character" and select the level 6 character again.

    5) When you are asked if you want to change your characters appearance, disconnect the ethernet cable.

    6) After you have been forced back into GTA Story Mode, then reconnect your cable or PSN/Xbox Live.

    7) Finally, head over to Online, then select "Choose Character" and select your main character.
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  3. OP

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    I think the glitch I found could be useful if you want to change on either your first character or second character cosmetics without deleting your second character.

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