Unsolved Custom Xbox One Help/Tips Please


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Ok. So i bought an xbox one in January and since then i have installed a custom fan and replaced the LED colors on the console and controller. Now i am going to be building a new case entirely out of wood, and installing a window. I am thinking of painting the wood blue but still undecided. I removed the CD Cover and made the stencils when i realized, the fan does not turn off when the xbox is on quick start up. I have a 3pin green LED fan and i dont know which of the remaining 2 fan wire/pins on the xbox should connect to the remaining wire/pin i have left on the fan. Is it even possible? Also, has anyone removed the ribbon on the xbox one front plate (power button/eject button) reason i ask is because i want to know how exactly i would go about removing it. Lastly, does anyone have any mounting tips for the wireless card on the xbox one? The cable is too short to move it somewhere else in the case so how would i go about mounting it at the corner its shoved in?


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I have an unfinished product. I'd upload a picture of it but I don't know how =-/
Upload the picture to an imaging hosting site such as imgur then click the picture button ( it's next to the smiley face ) and enter the picture link.

You can also use the BB code
[IMG] Picture Link [/IMG]
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