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  1. dominater01

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    Dow anybody know hwo to make themes like from scratch because i have a really neat idea and i wanna try to make it. So if anybody knows please help me :thumbup:

  2. Forgoten Dynasty

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    very simple actually.

    i would take a theme basic theme
    Now in that theme
    wallpaper.png will change the wall paper
    Dock.png will change the dock (the thing at the bottom)
    Statusbar.png will change the status bar on top

    the "icons" folder contains a set of icons that will show up in place of the actual ones you can either edit the ones already there or in order to make a your own simply do the exact name of the app
    for example if you wanted to change the YouTube icon, you would name the icon YouTube.png(note caps count)
    The Folders Folder contains certain apps this will reskin those apps i would suggest going into the actuall app folder and looking at those file names then reskin them and place them in a folder with that apps name and then put it in the "Folders" folder

    One folder you should take special care to is "" that is the actual "dashboard" the ipod uses changing the battery img files will change the how the battery looks when you are charging your ipod.

    Everything is kind of self explainatory.

    The Extras folder does not do anything it just contains alternative backgrounds for that theme ect ect.

    Heres a tut on how to get the themes to your ipod after editing them