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Discussion Custom Games Trading Thread (Xbox One) (Halo 3 and Reach mainly)

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I got back into MCC recently on Xbox One with the release of Reach. Unfortunately the file share system is awful and you are unable to look up game modes/ maps. They also had a one-time transfer in August to get your 360 file share but of course I missed that. So as of now, the only way to get maps and modes are to play with people and save them from your recently played (That I know of lol). You can hold 50 modes and maps in your file share.

I haven't seen a thread like this so I wanted to make this so people can get the game modes and maps that they want.
Post your GT, what you're looking for or what you have to trade. :thumbsup:

Currently I have:
Run for your life 1 & 2 (Indiana Jones)- Halo Reach
Crash Derby- Halo Reach
Resident Evil- Halo 3
Fat Kid Adventure- Halo Reach

GT - Adio Footwear

I'm looking for the classics..

Halo 3: Skycastle Fatkid, Trash compactor, Jenga tower, Halo on Halo (sandbox), MLG Octagon, Left 4 Dead
Halo Reach: Duck Hunt

but I'll take anything cool I don't have.
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