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    Ok so I have had my PSP-1000 a.k.a Phat since the June of 2005 3 Months after the console launch in N.A., last night I finally decided to put custom firmware on it so I made my own Service Battery (Pandora Battery) with my only battery pack, that was 100% Successful.

    I then followed this video on youtube,"How to Create a Magic Memory Stick (EASY)" (Link Below) and got the program out of the Video Description, followed all the steps and then put in my pandora battery and continued to install 3.71 M33-2.

    When it was fully installed I deleted the files off of my PSP memory stick and Put my original files that I backed up on there (GAME, MUSIC, MP_ROOT, PICTURE, VIDEO) and then created a 6th folder named ISO. So I did everything correctly.

    I now am going to install 5.00 M33-2 or 5.00 M33-4 but I have a few questions.

    1. How do I install 5.00 M33-2 or 5.00 M33-4 on my PSP?
    2. Can I just do the exact same thing in the video except on Step 4 just copy over the 5.00 M33-2 or 5.00 M33-4 Files?
    3. How do I make it so my PSP runs ISO's, as in what do I have to cahnge in the CFW settings menu?
    4. My UMD Drive is broken so is it safe to set my PSP to "UMD Mode (Currently: Sony NP9660 -NO UMD-)or do I want it on (currently: OE isofs legacy -NO UMD-) or (currently: M33 driver -NO UMD-)?
    5. Is it safe to change my "Speed in XMB to 20-333mhz"?
    6. Is it safe to change the "Speed in UMD/ISO 20-333mhz"?
    7. What is the plugins section for?
    8. What is the Registry Hacks for?
    9. Where can I find UMD ISO Game files?
    10. What are some good Homebrew Apps/games
    11.How do you install Homebrew apps and games, I downloaded a nogravity homebrew demo and it had 2 folders and a readme.txt just place the 2 folder into the PSP/Game directory?

    Thanks for all the help as you can tell I am new to this so it is much appreiciated.:biggrin:

    Links I used:

    Youtube Video:
    How to Create a Magic Memory Stick (EASY)
    [ame=]YouTube - How to Create a Magic Memory Stick (EASY)[/ame]

    Rapidshare Links
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
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    1. get the 5.00m33-4 update file and a sony 5.0 PBP file that you can get just by googleing
    3. just change your driver setting in the recovery screen format your memory stick and put your games you download or get in the iso folder
    4.i use sonynp and it works great just format your memory stick
    5 yes but sometimes not recommended
    6 once again see 5
    7 it is for custom made things like screen shot taker and others one major one is cw cheat its like action replay but no big device
    8 for your psp to emulate another firmware
    9 just ask in here or get premium and request also pm me and il link to a site
    mods if its not allowed please delete this part
    10 depends on your prefence ive got kitty kannon and a bunch of old school NES and SNES and gameboy games on mine
    11 yes place it in the game folder and for your phat you may also want the 1.50 plugin because it is a gift.
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  3. OP

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    Things I don't understand

    1. What do I do from there to install it & Where do I get the Sony 5.0 PBP File
    3. What Driver Setting & can't I just make a folder in the root called ISO without formatting?
    4. What is it and why format again?
    11. Where can I get the 1.50 Plugin and how do I install it
  4. gamebeatter

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    you put the m33 update on the game section of your psp and then take the pb and put it on your root
    3 you could try it
    4. driver setting that allows you to read off your memorystick with no disc at all
    11. from dark alex's website and the 1.5pb by googleing again

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