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Unsolved Crew color hex not saving?

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Just curious if anyone has been able to change their color to any special color, recently, I've been trying to change the color for a couple days now and it won't update in game, i even used old hex values I've had saved, i don't get any error, and i even changed other ingame aspects to see if they changed and they did.
Normally I'd have issues getting crew emblem to change in game, but now I can't get colors to update to a new hex at all.
I'm not new to doing it, and I've changed it many times before, but for some reason now inspect element after refreshing will still show the value I'm replacing, not the new value i saved..
No-one seems to be talking about it, so I'm asking myself


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Well, if it's a modded crew color and your doing it in the inspecting mode in social club, then try using an ending code at the end of the hex code. For example, if your trying to do pure black then you need to put at the end of the hex code "AA". So it will be #000000AA for it to save. If it's not loading into gta still, then restart your gta and try it again. Remember to hit Save Crew after putting the hex code in. Good luck!
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