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Discussion Crew Color Help from Google

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I have been trying to set a crew color in GTA to an orange that actually looks orange in game.
Google has a built-in Color Picker that gives you the HEX and RGB values.
It has a better preview of the color than the crappy color wheel on the Rockstar Social Club site.
I recently got into doing custom colors for my cars and the price of paint in game is insane.
Sometimes the paint on one car will run me almost a million before I'm satisfied with it.
Rockstar has added extra lighting to the downtown LS Customs which has helped with that issue.
The crew colors are still hard to match things like Hemi Orange, Plum Crazy or other specific custom colors.
This tool helps big time.
It is a bit of a hassle setting the colors because the Rockstar color wheel only supports so many.
Most custom ones have to be input manually.
At least this will cut down how many times you have do that before you get the color you want.
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