Solved Creating Menus again.. need help

DSE ShadowZ

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hello guys

to start ofcourse u seen the title i wanna make my own menu

infact i allready made my own mod menu in GTA 4 (DSE v3.5) but now i wanna start on GTA5 as well,

now i have been modding gta 5 for 3 days now and ive got some mod menus, some peds addons and cars addons that all the easy stuff

now what i would like to know is:

does the modding still works like GTA4 script? Yes/No
are there any good tutorials?
do i need to have the clean files or can i just use a clean DevC++/notepad clean file

what programs do i need (exept OpenIV ive got that allready)

so for that i can think of, any suggestions are welcome and im looking forward to get some help and give help whenever im up to date on how to script mods/mod menus!!

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