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All Creating a clan? Looking to join a clan? Use our new Teams page to organize your crew!

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We are beginning to deprecate this section to migrate everything over to our new Teams addon so you can organize your team/crew/clan better. You will no longer be able to post replies or create new threads so everyone begins migrating to the new system.

If you are looking to create a clan, crew, guild, team, etc., please use these links to start your own group with your own group page!
GTA Crews
Tournament Teams (this is used for putting together a team to enter into one of OUR tournaments we host)

If you are looking FOR a clan, crew, guild, team, etc. to join, please visit these pages:
GTA Crews
Tournament Teams

For easier access later on, if you are on desktop, you can look to the navigation bar on the left side of your screen and click Teams:

From there, you have categories you can choose from (Clans, GTA Crews, Tournament Teams - if you have a suggestion to add something else, please make a post in the Suggestion Box and we will review it and possibly add your suggestion!).

If you are on mobile, click the hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines) in the left upper corner to pull up the navigation menu, scroll down to Teams and click it. From there you can browse OR click the Category button to select from Clans, GTA Crews, or Tournament teams.

Please make a post in the Suggestion Box if you have any ideas on how to improve this system or make it easier for you to browse via mobile.
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