Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Rules and Guidelines

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    General Rules

    #1.1 The general forum board rules still apply, but these rules are made for this specific forum to bring you guys the best content.

    #1.2 Be respectful of each other's opinions. Learn to agree to disagree, and don’t put someone down because they have a different viewpoint than your own.

    #1.3 Search before you post! If you need to find anything just search you'll more than likely find it.

    #1.4 Do not repost. Refer back to the search before you post rule.

    #1.5 If you happen to find content that violates these rules, report the thread and move on. Do not minimod! Mini-modding is a violation as well.​

    Forbidden Content

    #2.1 The purchase, request, trade, or selling of virtual accounts/items including but not limited to: Skins, Stickers, Keys, Crates, or Accounts. If you wish to trade game items, please refer to this thread.

    #2.2 Any threads regarding you being banned/reset from the game or service.

    #2.3 Advertising in any way, shape, or form. This will result in a permanent suspension from the board.

    #2.4 Flaming of any kind. Calling someone a “leech” or any other offensive words will result in an infraction.

    #2.6 Derailing threads/Off-topic responses. This is considered spam.

    #2.7 Saying “Thanks” or “No Problem" is considered as spam. If you appreciate something someone has done, click the like button.

    #2.8 No betting threads of any kind. This includes threads relating to CSGOLounge. There is a pinned thread, use it.

    #2.9 No "What rank are you?/Where did you place/How does ranking work?" threads. More information about the Ranking System and ELO, can be found here.​

    Other Notes/Links

    #3.1 If you are unaware of where to post, try your best to find the correct forum and you won't have a problem.

    #3.2 Do NOT mini-mod regardless of what rule is violated. If you don't know what mini-modding is, it's when members find a thread that violates the rules and say things like "This has already been posted. Reported", “Wrong section”, or "This violates the rules". This in itself is a rule violation and you will be infracted for it.

    #3.3 If you think your post was unjustly deleted, you can have your argument acknowledged by going to the Talk to Staff and submitting a ticket, or you can PM a Super Moderator, or the Diet Moderator of the section about your problem, but do so in a civil manner. Don't make a thread calling the moderators/admins bad people.

    #3.4 These rules are subject to change in the future. It is your responsibility to check for updates.

    #3.5 All giveaways and/or contests belong in the Se7enSins Contests forum and not here. Giveaways/contests posted here will be deleted.

    #3.6 If you are posting spoilers, please use a spoiler tag when necessary.

    #3.7 Post all stats, screenshots, complaints, etc in their respective threads.​
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