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Unsolved Corona with X360Run 1.0 - Nada/Zilch/Nil

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Quick back story: PCBA/SMT professional for 11 years (albeit 5 years since) and work in engineering for a mold and fab company now. I've always had a side gig buying/modding/selling some sort of systems, and I've run the gamut through several times over and the wheel has fallen on the 360 again.

I'm finding them insanely cheap locally, $25-$50 for slims with everything and 3 controllers and a some games. Even picked up some special editions for the same price.... My first batch of 5 were completed with 3x Ace V3s for Coronas and 2x Ace V5s for the Trinities. Not really a single issue, sans remembering everything with the first one. The Postfix adapters I got were lucky legit, and that made the one that needed it go just as quickly.

Here's my problem, I picked up kind of a wide array of different glitch hardware, and I'm on to the X360Run... And I'm about to throw this thing out and just wait on my 20 V3s to come tomorrow. I know everything is wired properly, not only via continuity, but the fact that putting my last V3 in gets it booting to xell. So, I've read nand, patched ECC, written ECC, and the Run does nothing. I know there's 3.3V, measured by MM (3.316V), the postfix measures ~90Kohm to ground, and the wiring leads are all good, again, because a V3 works...

What am I missing? (And how to I attach photos?)
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