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Unsolved Corona V1 Alternative Programming Points



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Hey, my console is Corona v1 with 16mb nand. I was trying to do rgh and i have some problems. Let me start at the beginning. I started, of course, by reading the Nand memory and it went without a problem. Then I created the ECC and uploaded it to the console. Then I wanted to program my chip for this console version, but i turned out that coolruner rev. c doesn't support corona so i ordered ace v3. Meanwhile, I do RGH on two phat consoles, jasper and falcon without any problems. After delivering the new chip to me, I went to work, programmed it, got into xell, wrote down the CPU KEY. And it's time to re-solder the cables from the programmer as I desoldered it to do rgh on other consoles. I soldered them and J-runner only showed me "Can not continue". I have tweaked my solders a thousand times, tried to take all the tin, clean everything, start over and all for nothing. Then I remembered that I had already uploaded ECC, and I remembered that nand can be updated with xell, so I uploaded xebuild to a pendrive. And xell has successfully installed it. I thought everything would be fine, but now the console turns off some time after turning it on, other times its only reaction to the button is the sound of turning on. I do not know how to program nand for the second time, and if only it is a problem. Xell shows "Segmentation Failed" on red screen soo i can't flash nand with xell. When i was dumping the nand for the first time i had three bad blocks. Sorry for my English, I'm from Poland. Is there other points where i can flash nand? Or maybe there is other way of doing this? Please help me!
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