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Corner Shooting - Tut - Post TU4

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This is a tutorial on how to shoot through corners in general. This works in most spots.

What you do is:
  1. Get on a wall/cover that you can shoot around.
  2. While in cover you L trigger and then move away from it. Not enough to not be able to L trig around the corner. YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SHOOTING OVER THE COVER, ONLY LEFT AND RIGHT OF IT. (Exp. Your trying to shoot to the right, so you move left a little. Vice versa.)
  3. Aim at the guy you want to shoot and shoot him.
  4. Works best with the lancer and hammer burst. Can be done with sniper and pistol(s).

If you don't understand just add me on XBL, PM for GT, and I'll show you the spots that I can shoot you from while in cover. If I could get someone with a capture card I will upload the video for you guys.
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