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Unsolved Converting Corona V2 from 4GB to 16MB NAND

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Hi all. Long time modder, first time poster.

I have a couple of 4GB Corona boards that have corrupt NANDs so I thought I'd play around with converting them to use 16MB NANDs.

The one I'm working on is a V2. I've removed/replaced all the components as described in a thread over on TX Forum. The NAND chip is from an old RROD'd 360.

Oddly, the console now makes the eject sound whenever it's plugged in. Pressing the power button does nothing. Attempting to read/write the NAND just errors, I assume either the NAND chip is fried or something is missing.

I have some brand new NAND chips coming but was wondering if anyone had an idea of what else it could be.

Does anyone have much experience with doing these conversions?

Edit: Added images.
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