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Unsolved controller Mod wont work on my profile

Do i need to hex edit my profile

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Hey Se7ensins whats up,
So far Ive hosted 7 lobbies ( Im gonna start hosting for 7S) and lately Ive been having trouble with a controller mod that Ive been doing for a while ( mostly for money though HA!).
Well basically what happened is I was playing xbox and I got my FAL class out to do some molesting and then my mod button only acted as a normal trigger and not a rapid fire one. So I tried a ton of things and figured out that it works on my friend and my brothers profiles but not mine.

The type of controller mod I use is the one where you sauter the middle controller peg to the right vibrator peg on a TP3 controller.
I know its not the controller but I was wondering if maybe I had been reported and I got to hex edit my profile or something to get my mod to work (but thats a guess).
well all help is appreciated Thanks
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