Unsolved Concerning Halo 5 News


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Okay so I just read an article by IGN saying that Hog Wild will be the last "free update" to Halo 5, so my question is: Does 343 actually expect us to PAY THEM to release updates?! If so I will toss Halo 5 to the curb without hesitation, NO GAME should charge money to be updated, that's what DLC is for, and by DLC I basically mean maps, that's the only Halo DLC I can think of. But if 343 tries to get us to pay for stuff like new Forge Pieces, or Armor sets as DLC then I'm done, the Req system is annoying enough without having to worry about DLC, however IGN has screwed up their facts MANY times before, so let's hope 343i doesn't pull an EA Games on us.
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