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*COMPLETED*TheTeeBagger 2nd Free Lobby

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Click Here to go PREMIUM and get into all of my Lobbies FREE
The TeeBaa Gerr's
Official Lobby
Remember the name

Not all my free lobbies will be 10th/unlock all.
Some will just be Zombies or AVP or Gun Game ect.

Lobby Status:[OPEN] CLOSE

Livestream: http://www.justin.tv/dateebaahger

Donations will be helpfull for kv's

paypal only when donating.

If you want to donate,
Send donations to [email protected]
has a gift with your GT in the notes or i'll be refunded.
Please more than $5

Also when you rent a lobby from me i'll create custom classes for you. So everyone in the lobby
will have those custom classes.
So send the amount of money that you wish to use to rent to [email protected] has a gift with your GT in the notes
Then in the pregame we'll talk about what you want to name the custom classes

How to get in Join My Session if your lucky:

Send me a private chat and private chat only and try to join from that.
My gt: FindableTomb

If you send me a friend request i'll be declined and you'll get blocked.

Question's and Answer's

Q. Can i still get invited if i dont donate
A. No i wont invite anyone you have to try and join

Q. How long can i be in the lobby
A. If you didnt donate nomore than a min or two. Then you'll be muted and kicked

Q. What can i get in your lobby
A. Whatever you can in a min or two. Infections or chalenges

Q. If i donate how fast will i get invited
A. Within 5min. I refresh my paypal every 5min's

Q. Do i get all tittles and emblems and camos in your lobby
A. Yes depending on the patch im running.


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Do NOT PM me for an invite, I am in no way affiliated with this lobby.

If there are any problems or the hoster demands payment to join, use the report button.
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