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compatible/non-compatible cydia apps!

Discussion in 'Apple iOS' started by hoss halo3 modder, Jul 22, 2009 with 4 replies and 486 views.

  1. hoss halo3 modder

    hoss halo3 modder Enthusiast

    below is a list of all the apps which work perfectly on iPhone 3.0
    • Winterboard- Though there were doubts over this app not working on 3.0, we checked it out ourselves and it works fine. Individual themes might have compatibility issues. Do leave us a comment below with your findings…
    • SbSettings One of my favourite apps on the iPhone and Im happy that its there on iPhone firmware 3.0
    • iRealSMS- Though copy/paste feature has officially arrived on iPhone 3.0 making message forwarding easier, iRealSMS is the perfect app for Messages
    • Categories - Another great app for the iPhone which allows you to create folders and add apps into it saving you the time to find your apps.
    • iFile - Replacement for MobileFinder, iFile allows you to access system files and also supports all media formats for videos and audio.
    • CydeleteAllows you to delete cydia/icy apps installed on the iPhone directly from your springboard
    • dTunes - A media app which allows you to download and play songs/videos on your iPhone
    • Mxtube - A good replacement for youtube app, also supports downloading videos
    • mQuickDo - A virtual home key button!
    • Safari Download Plugin – [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]Download [COLOR=blue ! important]files[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] to your iPhone via Safari
    • Call Clear/iCall Br – Allows single deletion of call log and also check call duration. But its paid for $2.99
    • MobileLog – Single Log deletion and also sms deletion. I prefer it over iCall Br
    • MewSeek Pro – Allows downloading of songs and syncing it to your default music player
    • PwnPlayer – A substitute to your default iPod
    • 26/6/09 Backgrounder for iPhone 3.0 is out. However, it has only the basic features. Additional features will come later when the app is upgraded.

    • Reinstalled Cycorder, it works!
    • mAdvlock works! (substitute to lockdown, but paid app)
    • mCallShow works
    • LiveClock works
    • Advanced Lock 2.0 - Cool lockscreen
    • iBlank – Create Blank Icons (For iNav themes)

    • Fivelrow – Fire row icons works in our test
    • Inspell
    • SpotBright
    • Five Column Springboard

    • Volume Boost for 3.0
    • ToneFx’s
    • Chronus
    • Cyntact
    • Docs
    • Erica’s Utilities
    • Make it Mine
    • qtweeter
    Lockdown app has been updated and works on firmware 3.o

    Also here is a list of Cydia apps not working on iPhone 3.0:

    • iBluetooth (Opens but crashes at the time of sending files)
    • FaceCall
    • RandomRing
    • Cycorder
    • iPhone Video Recorder ( This means that video recording on iPhone 3.0 is not possible for now)
    • MewSeek
    • LockDown
    • 5-row qwerty keyboard
    • Aptbackup
    • vwallpaper
    • logome

    Found at:http://iphonehelp.in/2009/06/25/list-of-all-cydia-apps-compatiblerunning-with-iphone-firmware-3-0/
  2. xXxDarkkillerxXx

    xXxDarkkillerxXx Enthusiast

    Be careful with certain themes on 3.0 some of them crash your iphone and keep it from booting.
  3. Ibdc

    Ibdc VIP VIP Retired

    Cycorder works just fine for me on 3.0 on my 3G.
  4. xXxDarkkillerxXx

    xXxDarkkillerxXx Enthusiast

  5. Wast3d Monk3y

    Wast3d Monk3y Enthusiast

    Videorecorder3g also works fine on 3.0 and fontswap works also

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