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Tutorial Colour GT On Leader Boards Tutorial + Gamertag Poker


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Hey se7ensins,
This is how you can set your gamertag to stick on leader broads with colour.
This works on, Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, Cod Ghosts. (That I have tested on)
What to do?
1. Set your leader boards first.
2. Once you have set all the leader boards that you desire, Sign Out.
3. Reboot your console and start that game again Signed Out!
4. Get to the multi player menu or what ever your setting leader boards on, Still Signed Out!
5. Download and open the tool below, Type in the Gamertag you wish to stick to leader boards. Don't press poke yet.
6. Hover over the account you set your leader boards on, Now as you sign in (Spam the poke button until the Xbox Sign-in menu stops.
7. As fast as you can go into any custom game, Solo whatever and start up a match if it kicks you with a callback/ error code before the game starts then you most likely where not fast enough or didn't spam the poke at the right time. You should get into a game fast enough to spawn in and leave. Then it will sign you out and give you a error, Now don't worry that's what you wan't.
When you do this you don't want to sign back into that account again, if you do it will remove the GT you poked and put it back to what it was and you don't want that.
Sign into another account to check the leader boards to make sure it stuck and saved or have a friend check and tell you.

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Colour Codes!
Colour Codes, Place for example ^2 = Green ^6AuZi Tutorials = AuZi Tutorials
^1 - red
^2 - green
^3 - yellow
^4 - blue
^5 - light blue(cyan)
^6 - pink
^7 - white
^8 - default map color(changes depending on the map)
^9 - grey or default map color
^0 - Black

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ha your the best auzi i been looking how to do this for 2 weeks now since i had my rgh :smile:
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