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[CoK] Clan of knifers knife server

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gamertag saint8989

gamertag saint8989

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Xbox 360 Knife Only Server


-No Shooting -Knife Only -No Killing People With Guns -You may use flash, smokes and flares nothing else. -No Explosives, C4, Grenades etc. -No Guns

Admin's On The Server:

-Ts Midnite (Owner) -LC Varner (Admin) -saint8989 (Admin) -Kyrotix (Admin)

How To Join (If You Don't Know):

You can either search our server by going to Multiplayer>>Server Browser>>Search You search "Clan Of Knifers Knife Only Server" , Or Just "Knife" to make it easier. Or you can either send a message to one of the Admins for an invite.

Ban List:

No one yet so keep it that way.
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