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CODMWIII Montage Request

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Okay, I've had a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) montage made for me. I just let him do his magic, and he's off the races. I had him find clips of me gaming, stitched the video(s) together, to make a montage. I'm not sure how long it took him, but I'm sure it took time. I appreciate his work. I've credited him in the description.

Here is the result:

I've stockpiled many Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III videos on my channel now. I'm looking for someone who will do a montage. I don't know what to expect, but I do want a watermark on my montage so people can't just nilly willy steal my ****. So, my request is to put a "CarlosX360" watermark throughout the video. Nothing else. Just like the video above. [Here is the full image, just crop out the Company Limited part out]

I've clipped some videos as part of a "teaser" kind of thing, but besides that... I don't know how to present the video in an exciting way. If I could get a montage done, I'd be appreciated. I will link to your channel, crediting your work in the YT description so people can find you on YT. Or rumble, or something else.

Here are a few Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III video examples:

The playlist is here: CODMWIII Playlist

Thank you for reading. And I appreciate the person who wants to take this ...this... "job." Whatever you call it.

I am selecting "Other" because I don't know which one is easier for the editor.
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