Tools COD Public Cheater | Advanced Warfare [TU17]


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what theme did you use on this tool its really nice :smile:
I'm using Metro 2014 Mobile (DotNetBar) and the rest is just custom / personal preferences of mine :smile:


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COD Public Cheater | Advanced Warfare [TU17]

The 1 False Positive is due to minor obfuscation on the tool!
COD Public Cheater Download:
Virus Scan:
Skype -
AIM - [email protected]

This tool has been operating for approximately 1 year now, it was a product I previously sold privately and now due to its success and demand I have decided to release it to the public!

These mods work for both OFF-HOST and ON-HOST. It is useful in Competitive Tournaments / Clan Wars as it doesn't show in killcams or any other clients screen but yourself, it's easy ON/OFF toggle functions make this simple tool to use.

This RTE tool includes ALL COD TITLES and is on the latest title updates. Future updates will be implemented as they become available along with anything new, I will also keep this tool updated for each Title Update as soon as it's released. This works only on JTAG/RGH and is coded in C#.
This looks amazing, thank you for sharing this tool and hopefully gets out there more with your credit.
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