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Unsolved CoD MW2 SP !!! Weapons Stats

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Before we found in .iwd a folder Weapons with Folders SP/MP/And Somtime Zombie With the stats of all Weapons inclunding The SP !!! Version.

Now i supect is in a .ff (Fast File) Common.ff perapth but all the tools i have use don't give me this SP folders or the SP Weapons Stats.

I have search in many forum and on the .net i ve found many sheets with MP stats but never found SP stats.

I'm uneable to find a solution at this time and i have realy search and pass many time on it.

Here you seem's a group of skilled modder and creator of Tools. So i hope someone will be enough kind to help me.

Someone could me tell how found this stats or what tools use or Give me the stats Directly.

I know many many any player are only MP player but me i m only intrested by SP and i realy wish to understand the mecanics of the gun i use (sometime i change 10 time of weapons and it's like i use the same)

Please help me
Thank's in advance
Best Regards, ExA

NB : Sorry for my english i'm not native spoker.
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