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Im calling it. Cod is a dead series. Zombies has lost its touch and multiplayer isnt as fun with camping being a legit strat.. Mods are dead as no one is uploading more mods nor is anyone hosting new mods. If you end up getting mods on older games, people just leave and report. Im a fan of mods. Its fun to do what i always wanted to. Spawn trap with an aimbot or just have god mode, high rounds in zombies. It seems like if you say you have mods people just leave. I get it takes the fun out of it but using mods fairly is still not good enough for most. Some forms havent been talked in since like 2016. People selling mods havent been on since 2018 and we are now in mid 2019. With the xbox one not being hackable and xbox 360 dying fast with the times, mods will be a thing of the past and call of duty is just pumping out trash and we take it expecting some next crazy gameplay but its just like the last.. Id like to see mods on cod bo3 zombies as it has meny maps not like bo2.. Lets get the mod community back up and running... Hell i remeber backdoorgaming.com for cod 4 mods back in the day and thats how i came across 7sins.. Lets not let this site die like cod or mods.
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