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In this guide, I will share tips, tricks and tactics about Search & Destroy on COD4 - discussing everything I know from where to throw grenades to where to hide when defending the bomb.


Firstly, I'm starting to find that almost EVERYONE is hiding in the same spots when defending a bomb - and for most other players its easy to know where they will be. In this guide I will show some spots that aren't as common; and they could help you to achieve victory more often - especially when your the "Last Man Standing". See the "Map Guide" for more information.


Many people just place claymores right next to the bomb; and most of the time people see them and shoot them long before they even get near the target.

Ghillie Suits

When in places like Overgrown, Bloc, Downpour and even Countdown, it's always a good idea to equip a sniper; the camouflage will come in great handy.

Smoke Grenades

Use them wisely. You can simply throw them at the bomb when trying to plant it, and most people will race out of cover... Stay back and you will see them. Also, when your the "Last Man Standing" and there are only a few people defending, throw a smoke at one target to distract them, and then plant it at the other bomb.


I always try to use Extreme Conditioning; as it's a great way to flank them at the beggining with a powerfull SMG.

Last Man Standing

A lot of people run out like Rambo when they hear: "Your the last one, finish the mission".
Just play how you normally do, and you will perform much better.


Back lot

When defending "B", a lot of people hide under the stairs as shown here:

When I'm trying to plant/defuse a bomb, I always check there - and so do many other people; so why not choose a different spot?
The one located below is a great place for not being seen...

Go prone, and as soon as you hear the bomb being planted, leap up and kill them. It's a great way of getting them when they aren't expecting it!

Another great place to go is in the metal construction building - equip yourself with a good low recoil assault rifle and nobody will stand a chance of even getting near the bomb!


For when defending "B", the veranda on the building with the sandbags is solid; therefore you can sit upon this with a great view of the target.

doorway's usually has lots of people walking through, so equip yourself with a sniper and rack up the kills!


In Crossfire, the spot pictured below is usually infested with enemies, so just simply throw a frag grenade and rack up the kills.

Try to avoid hiding behind the boxes when defending "B", it's a really common place and I always expect people to be there.


Try to jump on the dumpster quickly, and aim an assault rifle at the doorway down the hall. You'll be suprised how many people just stand there!

99.9% of the time you will find a guy or two hiding behind these crates - don't be afraid to throw a flash bang and sprint right in there.

Instead of hiding here there are lots of great places to go prone behind office furniture.


Below are two fantastic spots for claymores; I always get a kill or two each game.


When trying to plant the bomb at "A" I found the best way is to run to the bomb straight away, go prone and quickly plant it. Most people will be setting up claymores etc. and won't expect it.

When moving to "B", throw a smoke grenade on the bridge to act as cover from snipers - it's a great, safe way to prevent dying.

When at "B", the most common spot where snipers camp is shown below, between the wall:

Whilst defending "B", it's ideal to go prone in the bushy areas on the ground, especially whilst wearing a ghillie suit.

You should find at least one person hanging around upstairs in the house - but watch out for claymores.


You can use the grass at "B" and go prone when defending, it's a great place to hide when equipped with a ghillie suit.

Stand on this ledge near "B", move along and you have a fantastic view above the door - but watch out for those snipers!

When at "A", go prone between the furniture; you have a clear view of the bomb and are hidden from snipers etc.

I had some pictures that I took and they wouldn't upload
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