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  1. joewee

    joewee Newbie

    Alright first props go out to the following peeps
    PSyKo7iKo for discovering COD 2 modding and getting me interested in it
    The Taco Ranger for helping me figure out how to mod COD 2
    and Ei8hTy SiX who opened my mind to many other tremendous possiblities
    in modding the COD 2 that I hadn't even thought of.
    Ok, with that said, this COD 2 mod that I am showing you is NOT the
    secret Mod that a few of us know how to do. It is a mod I figured out
    on my own. This is why I feel comfortable sharing it with everyone.
    Unfortunately with this mod, so far you can not do cheats like
    God, Noclip etc... but there maybe a way that someone can figure out.
    I haven't had enough time to mess with it as I have been using the
    other Mod method and just stumbled upon this. Ok, enough B.S. here
    is a sample Mod with call of Duty 2.

    1. this tutorial assumes you already have a transfer cable and are
    familiar with modding games such as cod 4 and WaW. If not you
    need to search youtube for cod 4 or cod 5 mod tutorial and then
    come back when you understand.

    2. Bring up your profile with a hex editor. Do a search for

    3. If you are in the right area below the unbindall you should see
    start button, and back button binds as well as below this area
    names of all the cod2 maps such as .set pref_mp_brecourt.

    4. Now between the 4th and 5th.(period) insert the following
    command, set g_speed 400

    5. this is what is should look like : ....set g_speed 400.bind BUTTON_START

    6. Now count how many spaces you inserted, if you did it right it should be
    15 spaces.

    7. Now we need to delete 15 spaces. So where do we delete them from? You
    need to delete them from the map name areas. So for example. You can
    delete these 15 letters: mp_downtown "1" or any other letters in the map
    area after togglescores" and up to normandy "1" NOTE: In my example I deleted
    unbindall as it is not needed and may screw things up.

    8. Now rehash and inject back into your gamertag folder

    9. That's it. Now every map/game you host the speed will be increased
    with this command set g_speed 400 you increase or decrease from the
    400 to speed up or slow down the game.

    10. You can now search the internet for other commands to try. Try googling cod 2 dvar commands or cvar commands etc...

    As I have said I haven't monkeyed with this much but there has to be many other commands that will work. The key seems
    to be putting the word set before the command.
    Other Notes: If you are making a new gamertag for modding or a new gamertag make sure with COD 2 that you play online first
    before doing a campaign (you have to at least complete 1 campaign challenge to get your profile set for modding). Me and
    Ei8hTy SiX discovered that if you do the campaign first your dpad ends up before the accomplishment (like his) instead of
    after (like mine). What does this mean? Well we he nulled out his dpad to assign binds to his dpad it screwed up the rest
    of his buttons, so he has to reassign all of his buttons first and then add his command binds. example: ".bind BUTTON_A "+gostand"
    and then add his command such as demigod etc...With mine I don't have to do all that crap.
    Finally. You may distribute this wherever you want, just give me and the other people credit. And if you find
    any discoveries post them here.

    My Gamertags: Modding gamertag II ModGod II and regular gamertag Ix KwiKkilla xI

    I just found a couple of other commands to add.
    Here is an example:
    .bind BUTTON_START "scr_allow_shotgun 0 ; scr_teambalance 1"

    add those 2 commands and when you hit the start button it
    will not allow people to use the shotgun once they die and
    respawn and the teambalance will auto balance the teams.
    I have teambalance set to 1, but if you have 8 players set
    it to 4, 6 players set it to 3 etc... you get the general idea.
    Don't forget to count and delete as needed.
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  2. OP

    joewee Newbie

    88 reads, no comments and not 1 thanks !?:?
  3. nightblade09

    nightblade09 Enthusiast

    Do you know if you can do this with cod3?
  4. jdcx95

    jdcx95 Enthusiast

    Too bad commands like god mode and noclip don't work without making it a devmap first.
  5. OP

    joewee Newbie


    Maybe a mod should move this to the Tutorial area
  6. Doeboy1337

    Doeboy1337 Member

    I can't get this to work. I sent you a friend request so can you try and help me? thx btw
  7. jdcx95

    jdcx95 Enthusiast

    I don't think it works either. Replacing the .sets don't do ****. I've only got god mode to work.
  8. Doeboy1337

    Doeboy1337 Member

    lmao when i hit back button it says unknown cmd togglescores;god;give all
  9. The anti XGC

    The anti XGC Autism and Alcoholism

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdDEpm0y7mk"]YouTube - COD 2 Part 1 MOD tutorial for GOD MODE ammo no clip[/ame] (vid1)
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DMszpUvv-A"]YouTube - COD 2 Part 2 MOD tutorial for GOD MODE ammo no clip[/ame] (vid2)

    What he tells you to copy and paste
    copy and paste the text where i put it , make sure its in OVERWRITE mode
    .bind BUTTON_START "togglemenu".bind BUTTON_BACK "togglescores".bind BUTTON_RTRIG "+attack".bind BUTTON_RSHLDR "+frag".bind BUTTON_LSHLDR "+smoke".bind BUTTON_LTRIG "+speed".bind BUTTON_A "+moveup".bind BUTTON_Y "weapnext".bind BUTTON_LSTICK "+breath_binoculars".bind BUTTON_RSTICK "+melee".bind BUTTON_X "+usereload".bind BUTTON_B "+stance".bind DPAD_DOWN "INSERT MOD".bind DPAD_UP "INSERT MOD".bind DPAD_LEFT "INSERT MOD".bind DPAD_RIGHT "INSERT MOD".

    mp_breakout = Villers Bocage
    mp_brecourt = Brecourt
    mp_burgundy = Burgundy
    mp_carentan = Carentan
    mp_dawnville = St mere eglise
    mp_decoy = El Alemein
    mp_downtown = Moscow
    mp_farmhouse = Beltot
    mp_leningrad = Leningrad
    mp_matmata = Matmata
    mp_railyard = Stalingrad
    mp_toujane = Toujane
    mp_trainstation = Caen
    mp_silotown = Beaumont Hague
    mp_tankhunt = Kalash
    mp_bunker = Vossnack
    mp_rhine = Wallendar
    mp_harbor = Rostov
    mp_decoytown = Alam Halfa
    mp_crossroads = Anctoville
    mp_newvillers = St Louet
    mp_normandy = Amaye sur Seuilles

    god - God mode
    give ammo - Refill ammunition and grenades
    give all - All weapons, full ammo, health and armor
    give <item name> - Spawn indicated item
    ufo - Flight mode
    noclip - No clipping mode
    demigod - Demigod mode
    notarget - Ignored by enemies
    jumptonode - Teleport to a node
    map <level name> - Level select (see the list below)
    select /seta <mission set name> - Mission set (see the list below)
    kill - Suicide
    ^ other **** you need.

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