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Tutorial COBRA v7.20 Patcher for 4.46 & 4.76 Cobra CFW by Orion

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So, there have been some user's waiting for new firmware to support Cobra v7.20 such as HABIB recent release, but one can update some existing firmware by replacing some cobra files in your internal flash. This process can be dangerous as your internal flash files can be sensitive if handled incorrectly and a mistake can result in a brick of the console worse case scenario. Does that sound nervous? well then perhaps Orion has a solution for COBRA users on 4.46/4.76 COBRA CFW . As he releases a new utility. I will say use this at your own risk as I haven't tested this out yet. So, be careful as you are messing with your internal flash files.

NOTE: Only compatible with CFW 4.46 and 4.76

Download this file
Copy it to a FAT32 drive
Install it in the PS3
Start it
Now the console will reboot and the cobra patch will be updated.

[Click here to view this link]
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