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Cliffside - On Top Of The Marine Bunker

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: WaW Glitches' started by OLine57, Nov 20, 2008 with 1 replies and 2,781 views.

  1. OLine57


    Click the link for the high quality version.


    [Click here to view the link]

    A couple things I didn't mention in the video:

    1. That was regular mode. I haven't tried it in hardcore, but if you try it, I'm sure you will have to have juggernaut on for you to even stand a chance of not blowing yourself up.

    2. You CAN make the jump without rocket jumping, but it is extremely difficult, and I have only achieved it a couple times. Rocket jumping is MUCH easier. In order to do it without rockets you have to jump at the exact right time and hit the exact right spot, and once you hit the wall tap A like crazy.

    EDIT: I figured out the spot to jump from and to so that you don't need rockets. Works most of the time. Ok, on the last pillar that I showed you to rocket jump from, stand on it so that your right foot would be lined up with the little wall I told you to be careful about hitting with the rocket. Basically stand ever so slightly to the left of the little wall. Then just sprint jump straight at the wall that you would rocket jump to, and bam! you're up. Much better for hardcore, cause now you can use bettys to protect your rear.

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  2. Jake007g

    Jake007g Getting There

    Nice, i knew about the glitch but i never thought of RPG jumping, also you explored the places to get to alot more than i knew of, so altogether very nice video :smile: +Thanks