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chopper gunner question?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' started by juliotheman21, Feb 3, 2010 with 5 replies and 486 views.

  1. juliotheman21

    juliotheman21 Newbie

    does chopper gunner go on time like the ac130 or does it goes on the shots u fire. i mean like time it spend's in the air.

  2. .Capacity

    .Capacity Enthusiast

    its on time.
    its not any longer than the ac130, but the timer doesnt start counting down until the chopper gets to the center of the map so you do get a few extra seconds more than ac130
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  3. OP

    juliotheman21 Newbie

  4. puniisher 505

    puniisher 505 Enthusiast

    You also leave ac130 mode 3 seconds earlier the timer on the bottom stops at 3 seconds which is bs
  5. Givesmewings8

    Givesmewings8 Enthusiast

    Wow I feel so stupid now. I thought it stayed up as long as you kept getting kills. wow.
  6. Siman

    Siman Premium Premium

    lol nope i think its 30 seconds let me look for the guy who explained all the KS

    here its off some dudes xanga
    Not mine

    • Modern Warfare 2

      Zip file containing images of the Weapons, Maps, Perks, Prestige Emblems, Card Icons and Card Titles
      Updated January 27 with an "Awards" folder for Accolades (some are Card Icons) and Killstreak menu images.

      The handling of weapons has changed, they have been moved to one of the game's "fastfiles", encrypted.
      Without that hard data, controlled testing is the alternative.

      This is the first presentable version of the "Interactive Modern Warfare 2 Chart".
      Click on the top row of images to change to the list of that weapon class.
      Click on the name of the weapon to change to that weapon.

      Many things are still missing and will be added in the future.
      Update: Rate of Fire for the rest of the shotguns. Damage and Range changed for M1887 to fit the game's recent patches.

      You need the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player to view the following.

      I put up two of them so you can compare two weapons at the same time without having to switch between the two.
      For a larger view, click here.

      Damage is near 100% correct with data from the PC version's games_mp.log.
      The range at which damage drops though is only approximate.

      Just like COD4 and WaW, body parts are segmented and multiply damage when hit.
      "FireTime" is the split second between each shot.
      "FireRate" is the potential amount of rounds the weapon can fire in a minute without reloading.

      Hip Spread is measured in degrees from the center of the screen. (yet to get the shotgun spread)

      "Reload" is the time from the very start to the very end of the reload (when the crosshair reappears).
      "Empty" is the time to reload when the weapon is completely empty.
      "Add Time" is the time in which the ammo is loaded, when the player can cancel the reload animation with a full mag.

      "Drop Time" is the time it takes to put away a weapon to draw the other one.
      "Raise Time" is the time it takes for that other weapon to be prepared to fire.

      "Sight Time" is the time it takes to Aim Down the Sight and return to the hip.

      "Recoil" is measured with four opposing powers, two for up/down, two for left/right.
      More power = more kick.
      More power for one direction = more likely to kick in that direction.

      On movement speed (player speed is determined by the weapon in his primary slot):
      SMGs and Sniper Rifles have a Speed of 100%
      Assault Rifles have a Speed of 95%
      Machineguns have a Speed of 87.5%
      Riot Shield has a Speed of 80%
      A player can pick up another weapon and keep the movement speed of the weapon he spawned with.


      Details on things that are not guns, of what was able to be ripped out of the fastfiles (so far) thanks to gagarin.
      Anything posted here is subject to scrutiny and change as we still go over it.

      Sentry Gun has 1000 points of health.
      Explosives deliver 7x their damage against a Sentry.
      A Melee attack or a Throwing Knife will instantly disable the Sentry.
      The Sentry has the potential to fire continuously for eight seconds.
      It recovers fully in four. If it "overheats", it will take eight seconds.
      After 90 seconds, the sentry will destroy itself if the enemy has not done so.

      The UAV and Counter UAV have 700 health and hang around for thirty seconds.

      Both Helicopters have 1500 health, Chopper Gunner has one flare countermeasure.
      The Pave Low has one flare and 3000 health.
      Unlike the helicopter in COD4, these three will decrease bullet damage to 0.3x all the time.

      The AI controlled Helicopters use three of the four same old Threat Factors.
      Class Threat has been removed, presumably due to the Secondary Weapon diversity.
      Both the Pavelow and Helicopter last for 60 seconds.
      The player controlled Chopper Gunner lasts for 40 seconds, not including the time it takes to travel to the map.

      Both the Precision Airstrike and Harrier Strike deliver the same payload.
      Three (two for Harrier) jets fly by and drop a bomb that breaks apart and releases ten bomblets each.
      Each cluster bomb has an explosive radius of 512 inches, with damage of 200 at the center to 50 at the edge.

      The Harrier that hangs around has 3000 health and cuts player damage against it in half.
      Luckily, some will instantly kill it (or at least really hurt it).
      A Stinger, Javelin and other killstreaks (like the remote missile and AC130 guns) will instantly destroy it.
      The RPG7 and AT4 will do a specific amount of damage - the Harrier's max health minus 900.
      The Harrier will hover in place for 45 seconds.

      The Stealth Bomber drops a lot of bombs.
      Each of them have an explosive radius of 896 inches.
      They deliver 300 damage at the impact point and 50 at the edge.

      The AC-130 apparently only has 1000 health.
      This is offset by two flare countermeasures and immunity to everything except lock-on Launchers.
      It lasts 40 seconds. All three guns are available. They have a reload time of:
      25mm = 1.5
      40mm = 3.0
      105mm = 5.0

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