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Changing ownership of a registered console

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Support Archive' started by dusthead, Feb 4, 2010 with 3 replies and 235 views.

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  1. dusthead

    dusthead Newbie

    hey everyone, first time caller - long time listener...haha

    just bought a RRoD elite from a guy, it was made 10-24-07 so i should be all set with warranty of an e74 error. silver sticker has obviously been peeled to the mark...other stickers look intact without opening it.

    tried to register it on xbox.com but it came up as already being registered. searched around their support...searched around this support...nada so i'm posting.

    anyone have to work with this issue before? Thanks in advance.

  2. DannyDifalco

    DannyDifalco Enthusiast

  3. Matermine

    Matermine Enthusiast

    Tell them you bought the xbox secondhand from a friend or something. They will then ask you to register it under your details.
  4. offica1 g33k

    offica1 g33k Getting There

    I have has many long converations with microsoft on this matter...
    what you have to do it just get the right person...because sometimes they will say they will transfer it but thw warrenty will be gone, so you gave to get one who doesnt say that....and, you said the warrenty sticker is off? then dont repair, ever for $100 of the warrenty seal is broken..i think:mellow:

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