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Unsolved changing discs mid game with RGH Xbox 360 Medal of Honor Warfighter

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Hi..I am having an absolute NIGHTMARE trying to install the 2 disc game "Medal of Honor Warfighter". I have copied across the relevant game folder from the 'content folder' on disc 1 into the 'content' folder on my HDD1 and on Dashlaunch V3.21 I have gone into the Behavior section and enabled 'auto swap'.

Then I try to start the game using default.xex on disc 2 ( it doesn't have a 'contents' folder), it allows me to choose single player etc ( which is what I want) then says I need to insert disc 1. I have even copied across both discs to my hard drive. This is driving me nuts!!

has anyone successfully managed to install this game onto their hard drive, and if so, how?!

Can anyone please help out?
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