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Challenge completion / Domination Boosting

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: WaW Boosting & Matches' started by Wheez1026, Jan 2, 2009 with 2 replies and 633 views.

  1. Wheez1026

    Wheez1026 Enthusiast

    Total Experience Earned 01/02/09 - around 3k in roughly 20 min. of gameplay
    1.If someone is in flag, use warning shots.*
    2.No killing until one of the two scores reaches 180.
    3.Do this quick and easy, after you capture the flag, run right back out, don't take your time.
    5.No capturing other flags.
    6.No firing of guns at all except for warning shots.
    7.Scores have to be 5 points from each other.
    8.If the other team is on the flag, check the score, it could be because of rule 7.
    9.Be Patient! it can take a while to set up but it's well worth it in the end.
    10. Don't place anything that activates the bomb squad perk.(items listed below)
    Challenge Completion Setup.
    State what challenge you need completed, and we'll find a place to meet up.
    Once you are done with the challenge, tell someone, and then we'll let another person go.

    Domination Boosting Setup
    1.Get all 12 people in a private match.
    2.Assign 2 party leaders.
    3.Split it up, 2 parties of six.
    4.Have one party of six find an empty room in domination, once it's found the party leader from party A go to Party B and click "invite party to game".
    5.Everyone on Party B quickly accept so you get the spot.

    match bonus setup.
    Wehrmacht wins first, then Red Army.
    Marine Raiders wins first, then Imperial Army.

    Bomb Squad Perk "set off's"
    x2 Bouncing Betty
    x2 Satchel Charge
    (someone remind me if I left anything off)

    *Warning shots = 1 shot with the pistol. Tell your team your doing it so you don't end up killing the guy.

    Gamertag - Trikyon

    Boosting will start on January 03, 2009 at roughly 5:00 PM. (GMT -5)

  2. Reconic

    Reconic Enthusiast

    Im In GT: Reconic
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  3. OP

    Wheez1026 Enthusiast

    Boosting lobby has been started!
    Gamertag - Trikyon
    We need 10 people
    7:23 PM (GMT-5)