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Question Cayo Payouts up to 3.7 Million Giving to 1 Player - Replay Glitch



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Hello, I have been doing the replay glitch for numerous players to give cash. 85% of my heist gives a player 2.4 million with the elite challenge. My Cayo has the best contents to maximize payout for 2p; full Gold, Panther and Hard.

I've had circumstances where players receive more money; 3.2 million and, on one occasion, around 3.6 million. I am looking for answers as to why some players receive more money from my heist.

My theory is that first time bonuses are the cause, but whenever I run the heist again for the same player and do the replay glitch, they still receive 3.2 Million (I haven't tried running it a 2nd time for the player who supposedly received 3.6 Million). I think the replay glitch causes the game to unrecognise the player I'm giving money to, that the heist wasn't completed whilst still giving the first time bonuses.
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