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Care package counts toward killstreak?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' started by mikeoung, Feb 6, 2010 with 2 replies and 207 views.

  1. mikeoung

    mikeoung Newbie

    So here is the scenario. I just go into a normal, typical domination game and i see someone dropping a care package so i kill him and gets it. It was a pavelow. My killstreaks were set to Harrier, Pavelow, Nuke. So after i get the care package i called it and it went to town with the idiots that can't shoot it down. So after few seconds, i get my harrier? i called that in, but before the harrier enters the map the pavelow, from the care package, got me my "killstreak" pavelow.

    How does that work?
  2. HF Over 7S

    HF Over 7S Contributor

    Use the search bar.Type in care package counts for killstreak.
  3. Givesmewings8

    Givesmewings8 Enthusiast

    pavlows are weird. sometimes they count and sometimes they dont. Even from a care package. They are very glitchy and noone really knows for sure the details. One thing that i beleive is that when you call in a pavlow, if you get a legit kill before the pavlow does, than all of the pavlow kills count as your killstreak

    Hope I helped!

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