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Unsolved Can't install TU24 Update (at all)



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I need help to update my MW3 on my RGH. I extracted the game files via Freestyle dash to put the game onto my external HDD, ran the game one time and all was well until trying this update...
I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled, ran lower TU menus no issues etc.. Only issue i am having is trying to update to TU24.

I did a little research and tried to install TU24 for mod menus and i've experienced the boot loop and am unable to install the TU24 update files with my PC.
I have tried installing the MW3 TU24 Update both manually and by downloading from XBL on my RGH multiple times (tried fresh unmodded .xex too) Nothing is working resulting in black screen on game startup and if i try to download from XBL i get the boot loop.

I have a clean default.xex/defaultmp.xex.
I did read that if this isnt done through neighbourhood it will not work?? I am copying files on my pc to my hdd...
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