Unsolved Cant attach netcheat to prodg target manager

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    Hello. I am on 4.76 modded cfw. My target manager connects to my ps3 just fine. Also on netcheat, i can connect to target manager. But when I click attach on netcheat, it will say error attaching process. I have looked at countless videos and threads for how to solve.
    I am on dex and my debug settings are:
    NP environment: np
    Release Check mode: Development mode
    Boot mode: System software model
    Network settings for debug: single settings
    I have also tried turning cobra on and off. cobra is not the issue as some people said.
    I am not sure what to do. Also when i convert to cex, i can use ccapi 2.60 and attach to netcheat. I'm just not sure of why I cannot attach to netcheat with tmapi or target manager.

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