Solved Can you still get props to follow you online?

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    I have a feeling that you can still get props online via the froze money glitch.

    I have been playing around with the TP glitch trying to find a new god mode glitch. And at one point I had them in SP. But can't figure out how i did it.

    All I know is I was I'm DM and place props through there. Then when I went online got an error message and was standing in SP as Franklin on top of the last prop I placed. I used a recent activity and suspended the app on the activity.

    If any one can help with this please let me know. And yes I did have the TP glitch at the time. When I went to save the video clip to watch it, it was only a minute long as my setting are set to do so. And just have a video of my loading SP and falling off the prop from walking around.

    If I can do it again I will update this post to let you guys know how I did it. Maybe there is a glitch to get these props to follow you to online lobby.

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