Can you still Clear Cache with NXE?

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    If so please tell me where you do it from... I have an itch that I need to satisfy. :wink:


    Here I am with good news; I've discovered the new way myself.

    I found out that there was a way after the NXE update, although then they let out another update and it changed again...

    The way to clear your cache after the update AFTER the NXE update is simple:

    Go to "Memory" in settings, and push "Y" to look at Device Options.

    When you are in that menu simply enter the same code (X, X, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X, X) and you will be asked if you are sure. Click yes.

    Note 2 Mods: Please change the title to "Clearing Cache with NXE After the Update" (I can only change the title in-thread, not what is displayed from the category menu)
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